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Lago de Chapala is a Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource primarily for the Lake Chapala area. It has been set up as quickly as possible to help bring information to our local community. This will be a continuously evolving site as we see what the needs are, how much participation and interest there is, and as we have the time to respond and improve the site.

We will be posting as many links as we can to relevant articles about the Coronavirus. The links will show the first few paragraphs of the article, and then link to the full article on the publishing website. The links posted will be articles specific to the Coronavirus countries’ actions and responses to the pandemic, and relevant information for precautions that we should take. We will try to avoid any politically-charged items and try to stick only to those that present the facts.

There have been discussions and notifications in the Lakeside area on various web boards, Facebook, etc. about Coronavirus, but this information is sometimes difficult to follow because it is spread around, and the facts are often interspersed with much personal bias. This site will hopefully be a good resource for the current facts concerning the Coronavirus situation.

This site is not a commercial interest and is intended to be a service to the community. Please use the contact form to submit links to articles that you feel are relevant and for other feedback that you might have.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our community safe!

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Chapala EXPAT Liaison June 24, 2020


Chapala Municipality is now 28 official cases of Covid. Those who think the municipality is doing nothing, please answer the question how are we keeping the spread to 1 or less per day if we are doing nothing? Thank God we are not having an explosion of cases! Read more

Chapala EXPAT Liaison June 15, 2020


Governor Enrique Alfaro has posted a video explaining that despite the coming peak in virus, he must relax the restraint on the economy because it too is dying. Jalisco has had 6,357 cases and 327 deaths. Chapala has 20 cases and 1 death, but, here too the economy is dying and something must be done. Read more

Chapala EXPAT Liaison June 13, 2020


Buenos dias a todos! Good Morning! We have more sad news, we now have 16 cases of Covid in the municipality of Chapala.. Our Mayor Moy Anaya is working to face the situation by sending the announcement trucks more often. He knows we need more compliance, but, how do you force people? The anticipated peak is only an estimate and still not here . The second graphic shows the hospital spaces both private and public are getting full' Read more

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20 more deaths confirmed by COVID-19 in Jalisco, total 461


According to the report presented by the SSa, the deaths would have been registered during the months of May and June

With 20 more confirmed deaths, Jalisco reached 461 deaths from complications generated by the COVID-19 virus. According to the report presented by the Federal Health Secretariat (SSa), the deaths would have been registered during the months of May and June, but they were awaiting confirmation of their cause, which was recently obtained. Read more

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