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11 Cases of Covid now in Chapala Municipality


From Chapala EXPAT Liaison

Sadly, I see there are now 11 cases in Chapala and its' delegations. I see a complete relaxatof the community in general from the oft repeated precautions. This will take us to an explosion of new cases.

Unbelievable , the jump from 3 to 11 today and from 11 to how many tomorrow????

This is a clear message about what is coming . Either we take care of ourselves or the medical system will soon be swamped.

People have been questioning me about names and addresses. This is confidential information. If you get it , do you want me publishing your name and address? But, I can tell you the virus is closer than what you think. That is why I ask you if you love yourself and your community? Take care of yourself and the ones around you God bless us all! Your friend!

Hector España

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Lago de Chapala