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26 deaths from COVID-19 reported in 24 hours in Jalisco: new record


202 new cases were confirmed, while active cases rebounded to 1,208

This Thursday, in Jalisco, 26 new deaths from COVID -19 were reported, with which a new record was reached. The last one was six days ago, with 21 in 24 hours, as reported by the Federal Health Secretariat (SSa). With these they add 310.

By municipality of residence, the sum of deaths correspond to Guadalajara (120), Zapopan (26), Tomatlán (3), El Grullo (3), Tonalá (20), Acatic (1), Puerto Vallarta (35), Tequila ( 1), Tecolotlán (1), Tlajomulco (11), Ocotlán (5), Colotlán (2), La Barca (5), Zapotlán del Rey (1), San Julián (1), Tlaquepaque (27), El Salto ( 10), Tepatitlán (2), Poncitlán (1), Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos (2), Cihuatlán (3), Ayutla (2), Huejúcar (1), Villa Corona (2), Ameca (1), Ahualulco (1 ), Zapotlán el Grande (1), Cocula (2), Pihuamo (1), Jocotepec (2), Teuchitlán (1), Tala (2), Autlán (1), Tototlán (1), Chapala (1) and San Juan de los Lagos (1); as well as four residents of Nayarit; two residents of the State of Mexico; a resident of Zacatecas, a resident of Baja California, one of Michoacán and a resident of Puebla,

In addition, the Jalisco Health Secretariat ( SSJ ) confirmed 388 new cases, while there are 1,742 active cases (that is, people who started with symptoms in the last fourteen days); a minimum decrease compared to yesterday, when there were 1,759.

There are 289 cases among health personnel

So far, there have been 289 positive cases of SAR-CoV-2 among health personnel (a new case reported today), the contagion of which is associated with the care provided in medical units.

Of these, 79 correspond to Puerto Vallarta , 171 to Guadalajara, 10 to Ocotlán, 15 to Tepatitlán, two to Colotlán; four to Zapopan, two to Ciudad Guzmán and six to Tala.

Google translation from Informador.

Next COVID-19 cases in Mexico reach 133 thousand 974, with 15 thousand 944 deaths

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