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A message from the LCS President


"It's the best of times, it's the worst of times. Make the best of it" Noted Canadian poet and novelist Margaret Atwood

Dear Members and Friends of Lake Chapala Society,

In a reflection of our times, we are grappling with an image of getting over to the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are visualizing heading into the library for a book, stopping in the Cafe, hugging friends, drinking coffee or sipping wine with a bite to eat, strolling through the heritage gardens headed to a movie in the sala, a lecture or Ted talk, yoga, a class, Needlepushers, Children's art, Pottery Class or many other activities The Lake Chapala Society offers.

Although we want to be on the other side and have everything normal, right now we are still in mid-air.

Speaking for the President, the Board and the staff, we want you to know that we are here for you and we are making the best of it, while the impact of COVID-19 is reaching into every corner. We at LCS are looking forward to all the things we know will be here when we reach the other side, our new normal, once the crisis begins to subside. And we are asking ourselves what we can do now to ensure the future of LCS, extend the legacy of it's 65 year history, and plan ahead for growth.

The Board and staff are focusing on revitalizing our programs; adding on-line instruction sessions; continuing the Reaching Out Program; training our volunteers on-line for a more serviceable organization; improving our communications with members of the community; and planning ahead for our reopening, which will require new approaches to accommodate "the new normal". We are meeting every week to address issues that include keeping our staff employed while many are working at home, servicing our community through communications, dealing with one-to-one issues, and connecting with local and state government officials and with foreign consulates to keep you informed.

A key point of our contingency plans is that we need YOU to continue helping financially during this time. There are many ways to help including making additional contributions to our Annual Giving Plan, renewing your annual membership on-line, and inviting new friends to join The Lake Chapala Society. Click here to donate to ANNUAL and click here to renew or become a new member; and click here for business memberships. If you need assistance with any of the above please contact our Executive Director Steve Balfour.

Remember, all of us together are needed to "get to the other side" to make sure The Lake Chapala Society continues serving the community for a greater good for all. It is not that circumstances happen, it is how YOU take action to make the best of them that is most important. Adaptivity is a mainstay of "the new normal".

With great appreciation,

Carole Wolff
President 2019-2022
Past Secretary 2015-2019
Lake Chapala Society, A.C

Board of Directors

Carole Wolff

Howard Feldstein
Vice President

Timothy Boardman

George Radford

Directors at Large

Larry Barnhart

Antoinette Brahm

Christy Caldwell

Brian Dalziel

Virginia Pelzl

Elizabeth Villaseñor

Mac Whyte

Past President: Ben White

Executive Director: Steve Balfour

16 de septiembre # 16-A
Col. Centro
Ajijic, Jalisco, MEX 45920

LCS - 65 years of "People Helping People"

LCS - 65 años de "Gente Ayudando Gente"

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