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All schools must join non-contact classes: SEJ


The Secretary of Education, Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes announced that the measure to suspend classes starting this Tuesday, March 17 will be for the different levels of education and: "applies to different forms of financing such as federalized schools, state schools and schools individuals " .

Juan Carlos explained that the measure is preventive and that it is a period of no face-to-face classes, but with the commitment to continue learning activities at home .

He recognized that in Jalisco there are about 15 thousand educational centers that comprise the basic levels of education and invited them to attend to the situation under the premise that each institution is unique and the ways to carry out continuous education at home may be different.

To meet and resolve how learning will be lived in the next few days, teachers and managers of each campus will meet in an extraordinary council tomorrow .

The Secretary of Education indicated that they are already distributing guides for each grade so that students can follow an activity manual and explained that in some of the schools they will carry out their activities through the web and not a manual due to their possibilities connectivity .

With activities at home, the Ministry of Education seeks not to offset the dates of the educational calendar , but does not rule out the possibility.

The Governor of the State reported March 15 reported that the classes would be suspended as of March 17, in advance of the provisions of the Government of Mexico, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in the Entity.

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