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AMLO Announces Emerging Plan Against COVID-19


Announcing an emerging plan to care for patients diagnosed with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) , this morning President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) reported that doctors and specialists will be paid in advance to join the call launched by the Institute of Health for Welfare ( Insabi ), to combat the pandemic in Mexico.

It has been decided to pay them in advance at least one month and per diem. If they live in the states and want to participate as of Monday, they will already be received with their papers, as many have already registered ... and they will be paid right there and then for training, " added the president.

The objective of this emerging plan, as explained by the President, is to guarantee that all COVID-19 patients are cared for in the country by a group of specialized doctors.

  • The fact: AMLO reported that "so far there are a thousand specialist doctors" and that it is expected, with the emerging plan, "to have 10 times more."

Said specialized team will be made up of a doctor or specialist in intensive care treatment , who will be the head of the group and will be in charge of the care of 25 critically ill patients.

AMLO added that since before the arrival of the pandemic in the country, Mexico was already prepared, since resources had been allocated to the Health area; In addition, in recent days the conversion of hospitals was ordered for the exclusive care of people infected with COVID-19.

They sign a contract and they receive a check

The president promised that as of Monday they will have the checks so that when the health professionals sign their contract, their check will be delivered to them.

He also announced that for doctors who join the ranks of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) , they will be given a two-point incentive for those seeking a residence .

This afternoon at the conference of the authorities of the Ministry of Health (Ssa) , where a report of the panorama of COVID-19 in Mexico is given, details will be given about the hiring, that is, which professionals would go to which institute, as well as salaries and benefits.

Google translation from UnoTV.

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