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CDMX, Baja California, Nuevo León and Jalisco, where there are phase 3 infections

Jalisco Mexico

These entities are where red transmission photos are presented, especially in their metropolitan areas.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, announced that the authorities determined to extend the Sana Distancia Day until May 30 due to coronavirus or COVID-19 .

During the conference this Thursday morning, the official explained that according to projections, on June 1, economic and social activities could begin to recover in stages.

López-Gatell explained that in the municipalities where there is no or low transmission, he could resume his activities, such as the return to classes, from May 17.

For his part, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that "next week, on Tuesday, which corresponds to reporting on health, we will invite the Secretary of Education so that, based on these elements, it is possible to project not only the restart of classes, but how to recover what has been lost. "

In addition, he reiterated the "call to all the people to continue supporting us. It is the best, it is not a conjecture, it is not an occurrence, it is the recommendation of a group, specialists and scientists. The most important thing is health, it is the lifetime".

Zones presenting phase 3 conditions

López-Gatell pointed out that although the country is not yet in Phase 3, there are areas "that must be treated as phase 3." Subsequently, the authorities distributed a map detailing the situation of the 2,463 municipalities that exist in the 31 states and the 16 mayors of Mexico City .

A total of 1,484 municipalities are the most affected, while there are another 979 in which the situation is less contagious. The people who live in the municipalities with the most infections will have to stay home until May 30, at least, while those of the 979 will join the activities little by little, starting on May 17.

For example, in the CDMX the 16 mayorships are found to be contagious, making them one of the last entities to emerge from the epidemic. In fact, López- Gatell estimated that it will be on June 25 when the Valley of Mexico can leave that stage.

As part of the Valley of Mexico is also the State of Mexico, the most populous entity in the country, which has 60 contagious municipalities and is the neighbor of another 62.

The map shows that both Baja California and Baja California Sur are in red , indicating that all of their municipalities are infected and phase 3 measures will be applied.

While Jalisco and Nuevo León also present red areas of contagion, which focus on their metropolitan areas.

States that could emerge from the epidemic first

On the other hand, Oaxaca and Veracruz are the states with the least contagious municipalities, so they could come out of the epidemic first.

Oaxaca , of its 570 municipalities, presents infections in 23, they are contagion neighbors of 114 and 433 municipalities without infections or neighborhood. Veracruz, meanwhile, has infections in 10 of its 106, is a neighbor of 46, and lacks infections in 50.

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