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CEDHJ asks to guarantee health and not decree curfew


The Commission recognizes the measures implemented before the contingency by COVID-19 and requests that the respect of citizens' human rights be guaranteed.

Before the declaration of health contingency by COVID-19, the Jalisco State Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ) recognizes the measures implemented by each level of government and requests that these authorities guarantee respect for the human rights of citizens.

Among his calls, he acknowledges the authorities' decision for people to stay at home and in turn asks the authorities not to enact a curfew. Regarding the right to health, it should be guaranteed for all people, especially vulnerable social groups, and that "emergency declarations should not be an excuse for repressive acts under the pretext of guaranteeing health."

The Commission considers the right of health professionals to be indispensable for them to have the necessary equipment to carry out their work without risk of contagion.

Remember that the authorities have the obligation to guarantee public safety, citizen protection, the administration of justice and to conserve and maintain the distribution of essential services such as potable water, electricity, gasoline, public transportation, and first-rate hospital and medical infrastructure. .

The agency emphasizes considering the points issued by the UN before COVID-19 stating that "respect for human rights will be essential for the success of the public health response."

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