A CoronaVirus (COVID-19) resource for the Lake Chapala area

Chapala EXPAT Liaison - April 9, 2020


Our older adults are the most vulnerable to the contagion of #coronavirus, so it is very important that they stay home to take care of their health.
We make available a phone line for transportation support and other services such as, purchase of medicines and food so that they do not expose yourself to leave your home, reliable staff will take to your door the first need items you require.
Take care and take care of them! #People rule

This is what we are up to today. Thanks to Ronni Cappola, we have 50 dispensas for the poor of Ajijic (Other villages are likewise planned for assistance). The people say thank you Ronni and we love you! And thank you to my helpers who assisted with sanitary deliveries! If you would like to help out in this time of crisis, please pm me and I will get back to you. There is so much to do!

The Ministry of Health reports 126 cases of Covid-19 in Jalisco there have been 7 deaths in Jalisco. NO documented cases in Chapala municipality. There have been 1184 tests done in 86 municipalities in this state. There have been infections found in 17 municipalities. 80% are rated as mild (treated in isolation at home), 25 hospitalized, 1 volunteer discharge, 8 improved /discharged, 7 deaths, 9 stable, 2 severe, and 1 very severe,

Chapala Expat Liason

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