A CoronaVirus (COVID-19) resource for the Lake Chapala area

Chapala EXPAT Liaison June 12, 2020


Good Morning my friends, more sad news. As of last night ,

We have 15 cases of Covid and one dead in Chapala municipality. There is no exact location information. You must keep yourself safe and take the precautions we all know. The dead was a 73 year old man.

Yesterday was the worst day to date for infections and deaths for the state of Jalisco and the peak isn't expected until the second week of July. That tells you how serious the situation is in our locality. Our Mayor Moy Anaya has been acting responsibly and some of the non essential businesses have been opened , but, not all. The only reason they are open is to save the local businesses.

Yes, you need to exercise and must, But, please do so responsibly. Just don't come in to contact----this is the new normal way to live! Utilize takeout to get out of the house.

I see your complaints about others and am responding within the limits of our authority.

Tu Amigo :

Héctor España.

Next Coronavirus advances: be aware!

Lago de Chapala