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Chapala EXPAT Liaison June 13, 2020


Buenos dias a todos! Good Morning! We have more sad news, we now have 16 cases of Covid in the municipality of Chapala.. Our Mayor Moy Anaya is working to face the situation by sending the announcement trucks more often. He knows we need more compliance, but, how do you force people? The anticipated peak is only an estimate and still not here . The second graphic shows the hospital spaces both private and public are getting full'

This morning we learned that family visitors flights were cancelled. We see the seriousness of the situation here and now!The jump from 3 to 16 cases in a week is frightening! We need your cooperation. So far we have been managing the number of cases, do we have to wait until we are managing the number of deaths before we get more widespread cooperation? There are many reports of weekend parties. There are other directors and authorities working on this issue .

In additions to parties, there are merchant demonstrations to open. Opening these businesses would create more exposure and the demonstrations themselves create more exposure and may contribute to the contamination when people gather closely without proper protection.The municipality does understand the economics, but, must balance the overall safety of the community. At this time be safe and take extreme precautions.

Your friend Hector España

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