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Chapala Presidente Moy Anaya Video - May 18, 2020


Presidente Moy Anaya just did a video which is on his facebook page which is shown below
Thanks to Jrod on Chapala . com for the summary slightly edited.

Presidente Municipal Moy Anaya held a videoconference clarifying FASE 0 and stressed three main points. (He will post this on social media later today.)

1. Filtros sanitarios—health checkpoints—will continue, intensified.

His priority is the health of the people of the municipality of Chapala; he is not permitting tourists to enter and risk our health.

2. Regarding Fase 0 from Jalisco Governor Alfaro

Many people were under the illusion/confusion that businesses could reopen on May 18. Only the protocols to allow your business to reopen begin today, and run through 31 May.

NO BUSINESS REOPENINGS IN FASE 0. (My note: except restaurants, point 3, below.)

The municipality will continue to support local businesses until they receive the protocols/permissions to accredit and reopen business. To do this, he will have available personnel from the economic promotion and tourism board to work side-by-side with businesses so they can get required certified. Municipal seals will be issued to businesses that meet the protocols and procedures to reopen.

Moy understands there was confusion, but today only begin the protocols to be able to open in the future. The Chapala government is here to support local businesses.

3. Restaurants can reopen dine-in service today at 35% capacity TO LOCALS ONLY. Why only restaurants? Because the governor gave approval for them to open statewide and, since we’ve had 0 confirmed cases in our municipality, we find the protocols and preventative measures of sanitization, hand sanitizer, Sana Distancia requirements sufficient to hopefullyl allow restaurateurs and staff to begin to get some income. Moy reiterates:: this is for LOCALS ONLY, as of today, following all health guidelines, 35% occupancy, and is not for tourists or outsiders, who will not be permitted to dine in-restaurant. It is for locals.to help locals gradually reactivate the economy to new normality.

Warning to restaurants: If you open as of today, be aware of these measures and respect what we are authorizing. Any restaurant that does not follow these measures will IMMEDIATELY BE CLOSED.

We are in a local and worldwide health as well as an economic crisis, so we are taking measures to carefully reopen, yet maintain the health protocols.

Watch video here.

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