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Classes will resume on June 1 and end on July 17


The return to schools will be staggered, since in the municipalities free of coronavirus they will return on May 17

The school year will conclude on July 17, the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma , reported on Tuesday, indicating that the restart of classes is staggered, on May 17 in the municipalities free of risk of the coronavirus and on June 1 in the rest of the country.

During his speech at the presidential morning conference, the federal official explained that of the 250 thousand textbooks that were distributed in physics last year, all content is in digital format, it is the axis to support students with educational auxiliary elements emerging.

He indicated that nine out of 10 have television in their homes. "Since yesterday, channel 11, educational television, TV UNAM and public television stations in the states, based on the education programs," have been broadcasting the content so that the students continue school at home, he said.

"It is surprising what has happened since March 23, the teachers have not abandoned the children. The teachers have been revalued, the mothers and fathers have discovered that the teachers are irreplaceable," she said.

Moctezuma added that this Tuesday at 11:00 am a training program begins, to which 500,000 teachers from the country have registered.

He called for the rest of April and May to take advantage of the time to prepare from home, the students will carry a folder of experiences where they will answer the five questions that are asked in television programs.

"The portfolio of experiences will be delivered by students upon their return to school on June 17," he said, noting that the Learn at Home experience is not a substitute for the work of teachers on school sites.

The Minister of Education, during his speech, took the opportunity to congratulate the preschool educators and recognized the precursors of Preschool Education in Mexico, Rosaura Zapata and Estefanía Castañeda de Cáceres.

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