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Coprisjal monitors compliance


35 inspectors were appointed for compliance with health measures in ZMG facilities

To ensure that restaurants and gymnasiums comply with the governor's decree asking for constant cleaning and disinfection before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission for the Protection of Health Risks of Jalisco (Coprisjal) inspectors for surveillance in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG).

According to Armando Pimentel,Director of Health Development of the Coprisjal,these establishments are given priority because they will remain open and in order to adhere to the established standards of capacity and cleanliness.

Other activities such as business inspection, pharmacies, the Lent program, among others, were put on hiatus.

"We arrive with an open order, in which we do not have to mark the name of the place, and if we identify turns such as bars, canteens, party rooms or dens, which are operating, we invite you to close and notify the City Council to perform the sanction corresponding," he said.

In the case of restaurant-bar, the director noted that precautions will be taken from a conventional restaurant, such as reducing the capacity to 25% and separating at least one meter the tables.

In addition, he noted that the inspectors are mainly concentrated in the busy areas of Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara and Tonalá, such as Avenida Chapultepec or the center of Tlaquepaque.

It also indicated that the municipalities, with their own inspection staff, would make visits to the establishments marked in the agreement.

He added that the operation only started on 19 March, so at the moment they did not have a cut of how many establishments have visited and how many did not meet the standard.

Bars lose up to 60 thousand pesos

Fernando is manager and manager of two bars in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (ZMG). Following the announcement of the closure of canteens, bars and nightclubs, announced this week by the governor of Jalisco in the face of the contingency by COVID-19, warns that their losses will be approximately 60 thousand pesos in a single weekend.

This includes your salary, tips and payment from suppliers, and you count in the amount the electricity and rent expenses that you "set aside" weekly to pay at the end of the month, because despite the closure, these will not cease to be charged.

"The truth is, I don't have a plan to survive this quarantine. These dates I expected because it is the best season for this sector," said Fernando.

Luis is a waiter at a bar in the Providencia colony in Guadalajara. For him the economic damage in the same period will be between three thousand to four thousand 500 pesos. He says that even if it seems like a smaller figure, this is the only livelihood to support his wife and daughter.

Israel, a bartender of a den located in the Area of Royal Aqueduct, expects its losses to be four thousand to five thousand pesos in the same period, although the company for which labor promised to give it a portion of its salary to motivate it to stay and work with them once they pass quarantine.

Eduardo is a sound operator, not only in a den, but also at events such as weddings and graduations. After cancellations of the events this weekend, he calculates losing the income equivalent to 12 thousand pesos.

Alejandro, who works indirectly in this economic sector with the valet parking service to 10 bars of the ZMG, estimates that his losses are around 35 thousand pesos, but not only is he, but that his 35 workers will also stop working due to the suspension of this economic sector.

Google translation from Informador.

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