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Coronavirus advances: be aware!

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The pandemic is not over; Jaliscienses face an increase in cases that we can reduce if we return to basic care

The Jaliscienses lowered their guard and the coronavirus advanced. The health alert for COVID-19 in the Entity worsened to such a level that, according to the National Epidemiological Surveillance System, half of the 5,244 cases that Jalisco has accumulated since March were documented in the last 10 days.

And only the deaths this week are equivalent to those that the State registered in two months .

Given this reality, it is essential not to loosen up on what has been advanced. Remember that the pandemic is not over and the elementary action to prevent hospitals from becoming saturated is isolation. If you do not need to go out, it is best to stay protected at home.

It is also important that you do not relax sanitary measures. If you must go shopping, wear face masks at all times. Don't forget to wash your hands and use sanitizing gel.

In this sense, the Governor of Jalisco appealed to individual responsibility. "Citizens must take care of themselves and their families, not go out on the street except for what is strictly necessary. It is no longer about watching us; it's about taking care of each other. ”

Readers of EL INFORMADOR agreed on the need to increase care. Miguel Castañeda, for example, opined that there are many who “proclaim that the virus does not exist” and that has put others at risk. Blanca Vargas added that there was a lot of information and instructions provided to protect us, but "it was worth a lot of people."

Xavier Orendáin De Obeso, president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), recognized that it is essential to revive the economy, but that this must be done without neglecting health. Thus, the reactivation will be gradual but careful.

In the third week of May, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that the maximum peak of infections for Guadalajara is projected for June 13; that is, tomorrow.

There are no conditions for "Phase 1" to start: Governor

The Inter-institutional Commission for Economic Reactivation and the Health Board unanimously approved that Jalisco start a phase of "Individual Responsibility", which will begin on Monday instead of "Phase 1", as planned.

The Governor of Jalisco acknowledged that the State is not in a position to enter this phase of economic reactivation due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

“We will not be able to move forward as fast as we had planned. The reactivation measures that will be presented on Sunday will be defined by the composition of the state traffic light and will only respond to the minimum necessary to lighten the load on the most economically damaged sectors and that are at risk of permanently closing their activities. ”

Yesterday was the day with the most infections and deaths in Jalisco since the pandemic began, and in light of this he stressed that "the problem is not the people who are going out to work to earn a living", but those who "thought that nothing was wrong" and they broke the insulation .

Google translation from Informador.

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