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Coronavirus in Jalisco: They ask the entire population to isolate themselves for five days


Authorities admit that critical contagion days are approaching and it is intended to avoid an upturn in COVID-19 cases in Jalisco

As part of the measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Jalisco, state authorities urge the entire population to remain isolated for the next five days, until Tuesday, March 24.

The Governor of Jalisco made the request to the citizens to stay at home the next five days: " I ask the people of Jalisco that this week we make the sacrifice of staying at home , a sacrifice of five days that could avoid making a sacrifice of months" .

"It is not a call to panic"

The Jalisco president asked that this decision not generate panic among the population, "it is a message to the people of Jalisco to face the contingency together, united, with absolute seriousness and responsibility, it is a call based on scientific evidence."

These measures are added to the suspension of face-to-face classes, cancellation of massive events, suspension of collective religious ceremonies, reinforcement of sanitary measures in air and truck terminals, and the temporary closure of bars and entertainment centers.

In expressing this warrant, the governor assured that in Jalisco there will be no shortage of food, or suspension of public services or transportation.

"Examples like that of Italy or Spain, and today the United States, taught us that not acting in time to take care of the economy rather than health, led them to run out of economy and health," said the state executive.

Previously, the municipal president of Zapopan had also expressed himself in this regard: " The next five days are essential for the future of what will happen around this health crisis. Together we will get ahead."

On March 24, at the end of this critical period, authorities and experts will analyze the situation of the pandemic to determine the following measures that could be taken in this regard.

The authorities' call coincides with the findings of academics and scientists from the University of Guadalajara that warn of a critical period of contagion of the coronavirus in the entity in the coming days.

Therefore, the call is for isolation, staying at home and taking extreme preventive measures such as hand washing and the use of disinfectant gel.

This same afternoon, the Governor of Jalisco said that it was ruled out that Jaliscienses would be quarantined as it is in other regions of the world, for example California, United States.

What does the UdeG say about the critical period of COVID-19 infections in Jalisco?

Academics from the University of Guadalajara analyzed the data on the progress of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in the world and in Mexico in order to identify the scenarios for the immediate future of infections.

Coronavirus in Jalisco: UdeG alerts of period of high contagion

According to the opinion of the experts, considering the data of the last days in Mexico, the period between Friday, March 20 to Tuesday, March 24 is a critical stage of high risk of contagion , so it is important to activate protocols for prevention to reduce the impact of the coronavirus on the health of the population.

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