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Coronavirus in Mexico and the world, March 28: read the breaking news and positive cases here


COVID-19 crisis social programs will be strengthened: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced loans for 25 billion pesos to support informal businesses and overcome the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The federal president explained that each family business, up to a million small companies, will receive up to 25 thousand pesos.

"The economic crisis is going to be very strong for us, (for this reason) we are going to grant a million loans of 25 thousand pesos to a million small companies, " López Obrador said during his tour of supervising urban improvement works in the municipality.

Government of Mexico issues guidelines for closed public spaces

With the objective of limiting the transmission capacity of COVID-19 , the Government of Mexico issued a guideline with health and hygiene protection strategies for closed public spaces.

The strategies can be developed in : workplaces (offices, commercial premises and self-service stores), recreation centers (cinemas, auditoriums, theaters), community services (shelters, shelters, detention centers) and public transport stations and units.

717 Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico

According to the last official report given by Health authorities, the current situation of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico is as follows:

  • 717 confirmed cases
  • 2,475 suspected cases
  • 3,542 negative cases
  • 12 deaths

89% have been non-serious and only 11% have required hospitalization.

AMLO asks not to leave home

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked all Mexicans to follow the healthy distance recommendations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNAM holds first professional online exam for coronavirus

Elisa González Galán and Lourdes Gutiérrez Rodríguez, students of the Faculty of Architecture, of UNAM, became the first students to take this type of professional exam to graduate .

IMSS implements measures, seeks to limit transmission of COVID-19 to pregnant women

The Mexican Social Security Institute will reinforce prevention measures to limit COVID-19 contagion through health filter facilities in gynecology clinics and hospitals, to procure pregnant women.

Given coronavirus, they teach online classes to students

Adapt to continue: teachers and students in online classes or online classes during the quarantine caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus in the states

Mexico City

The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, stressed that the mechanism aims to avoid saturation of Health Centers and hospitals in Mexico City, so that care for people with symptoms of COVID-19 will be divided.
Coronavirus in the World

Coronavirus in the world


COVID-19 coronavirus cases continue to rise worldwide. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of infections worldwide until this Saturday has reached 652,779. Italy has already exceeded 10,000 deaths and in Spain there are already more than 70,000 infected.

The United States, Italy and China continue as the three countries with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus . However, their cases are not comparable. While the United States already has 116,505 infections, the evolution curve of the pandemic in the country continues to rise exponentially, the same happens with the European country that has reached 92,472 infected.


The Prime Minister of Russia , Mikhail Mishustin, informed today that from March 30 the access of all border crossings, including the border with Belarus, will be suspended, so that cars, railways, and pedestrians will not be able to enter to avoid contagions of COVID-19.

He explained that from the first minute of March 30 it will apply to all Russians, except diplomatic officials and citizens who have left the country due to the death of a close relative. Although the people authorized to enter the country will be quarantined.

So far, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide is 605,010. 27,827 deaths have been recorded in 183 countries and territories.


In the United States, the cases of people contaminated with Covid-19 exceed 104 thousand and 1,711 deaths have been reported. President Donald Trump on Friday enacted a historic $ 2 trillion plan to rescue the economy paralyzed by the pandemic.


The most recent balance of what is now the country hardest hit with the number of deaths from the coronavirus is 9,134 deaths. The confirmed cases are 86,498 and according to figures from the Italian authorities, 10,950 people have healed.


In Spanish territory, a new record of deaths per day due to the new Covid-19 coronavirus was reported this Saturday. 832 people died in the last 24 hours, bringing the total deaths to 5,690. The currently second country in the world with the most deaths from the pandemic, reported 72,248 confirmed cases.

Rest of europe

This Saturday the United Kingdom surpassed the thousand deaths from coronavirus with 260 deaths in the last 24 hours. France began transferring patients with Covid-19 aboard a military helicopter to Germany in order to decongest local hospitals, 1,995 deaths have been reported in the country.

Germany has a figure of 48,582 infected with Covid-19 and 325 deaths. Chancellor Angela Merkel asked citizens on Saturday for patience with the recommended measures to minimize public life.


The Asian giant, the country where the pandemic broke out in late December, currently registers 81,394 cases of coronavirus and 3,294 deaths.


The country ruled by Vladimir Putin will completely close its borders starting this Monday to fight against the expansion of Covid-19. By government decree, entry and exit traffic will be "temporarily restricted" at all border crossings by road, rail and sea.

Women, sector at risk in COVID-19 pandemic for these reasons

During the coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae) pandemic, access to sexual and reproductive health services has been interrupted and the authorities' ability to respond to gender-based violence has been hampered, at a time when women and girls need more than services, becoming a sector at risk .

Coronavirus and sport

Santos and Atlas will retain part of the players' salary

Grupo Orlegi, owner of Santos and Atlas , announced that they will retain a percentage of the salaries of both clubs as long as the health contingency due to the coronavirus is maintained. In addition, through a statement, the commitment of the players and technical bodies to the current situation was recognized.

Google translation from UnoTV.

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