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Coronavirus: Why are the death rates different?


Many of us must be tracking the daily infection and death rates from the coronavirus. You may have noticed, the death rates differ greatly from country to country. Here are some of the main reasons.

In Germany, the number of deaths from coronavirus is relatively low for the number of confirmed infections. The rate is lower than in Italy, where the number of deaths linked to confirmed Covid-19 infections remains extremely high. Currently, the rate in Germany is at 0.4 percent, with data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, suggesting the rate is 20 times higher in Italy.

Infografik Coronavirus: Deaths per one million population EN

The World Health Organization (WHO) says various factors can contribute to such discrepancies.

First, there's the "population pyramid" or distribution of age and gender in a given country. Then there's the medical or healthcare capacities of each country. And last but not least, the number of people who are tested for coronavirus, because knowing and recording exactly who has been infected will directly influence the validity of any published figures.

In some countries, supplementary tests are carried out on the dead. And that would influence the statistics as well.

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