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COVID-19 cases in CDMX reach 3,966, with 309 deaths


Claudia Sheinbaum details that there are 723 patients intubated by the virus or suspected contagion

The head of the Government of Mexico City , Claudia Sheinbaum, said that to this day they have registered 309 deaths from coronavirus and 3,966 confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which 1,470 of the last 15 days are active; likewise, there are 723 patients intubated by the virus or suspected.

He explained that there are 1,800 suspects, and he detailed that the suspected suspects are ill with acute respiratory diseases in certain hospitals such as COVID-19 of the ISSSTE, the IMSS, the City Government, and the National Institutes of Health.

"We have treated 224 thousand 229 people who have finished their screening in the SMS or who have spoken directly to LOCATEL, of these there are 3,631 suspected cases; and 6,116 support kits have been distributed to people with all the symptoms of COVID-19 , which are being cured at home, "he said.

Recently the transparency portal of COVID-19 was released, where in collaboration with the Digital Agency for Public Innovation to know the number of patients per mayor.

In recent days, the head of the Mexico City government released some measures to prevent COVID-19 infections, such as the application of "Today does not circulate" without exception in the capital and the closure of 20% of the subway stations.

Google translation from Informador.

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