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COVID-19 infections in Jalisco medical personnel are quintupled in a month


For May 10 there were 56 infections and with a cut as of June 10 there are 232 new cases, giving a total of 288

In Jalisco, the number of COVID-19 infections is increasing among the population and also among medical personnel. In the last month, the number of infected medical personnel increased fivefold, since on May 10 there were 56 infections, while on June 10 the total was 288.

In this regard, the president of the Inter-institutional Commission of Nurses of the State of Jalisco, Edith Mujica Chávez commented that they maintain sanitary measures in the medical areas, but “being in contact with patients, it is a risk and it is clear that as medical personnel we are alarmed about the possible contagion and more in this phase ”.

The number of infected medical personnel represents 5.5% of the cases in the Entity, since in total there are five thousand 244 positive cases for COVID-19. Given this fact, Mujica reiterated that "today more than ever, it is important that the protocol for medical personnel is complied with and that it is also carried out by patients and the general population."

Increased cases

The first cases of contagion among medical personnel in the Entity were presented on April 24, when 12 resident doctors in Puerto Vallarta tested COVID-19 positive. A day later, the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) announced the contagion of seven doctors in the municipality of Ocotlán.

At the end of April, the Entity had 32 cases among medical personnel , 21 in Puerto Vallarta, nine in Ocotlán and two in Guadalajara. As of Sunday, May 10, there were 56 cases, of which 40 were from residents of Puerto Vallarta, nine to Ocotlán and seven to Guadalajara.

By the last day of May, there were already 184 positive cases for COVID-19 among medical personnel , that is to say that between the last day of April and May, 152 new cases were registered. The breakdown showed that Guadalajara had 84, Vallarta followed with 75, Ocotlán remained with ten, Tepatitlán joined the list with 10 cases, Colotlán and Zapopan added two respectively, and Ciudad Guzmán registered one case.

Finally, on June 10 there was a total record of 288 cases , of these, Guadalajara added 170, Vallarta registered 79, Tepatitlán reached 15 cases, Ocotlán remained with 10, the municipality of Tala was integrated with six cases, Zapopan it added four cases, while Ciudad Guzmán presented two and Colotlán remained in one two cases.

Google translation from Informador.

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