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Covid-19 Is Spreading Far and Wide From People Who Don't Feel Sick, New Research Finds

North America

More and more research is starting to confirm a troubling suspicion scientists have had about covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus: People without symptoms can not only spread the infection but are actually fueling its pandemic spread across the globe.

As recently as February, the consensus among public health experts was that the greatest danger of catching covid-19 came from being around people whose symptoms had already begun. The period when a person is infected but not yet feeling sick, called the incubation period, seems to typically be five days to two weeks, and it wasn’t clear whether people could spread the infection during that time. There had been reports of asymptomatic transmission in China, where the outbreak began, but also some confusion. In early February, a report looking into the first few cases locally spread in Germany had to be corrected after it turned out that the patient who sparked that outbreak wasn’t asymptomatic after all.

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