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COVID-19 outbreak reported in the City of Guadalajara


There are 10 public officials who test positive for the coronavirus; the Union of Workers asks the municipal government to carry out tests to detect more possible cases

The Guadalajara City Council Workers Union reported on Wednesday an outbreak of COVID-19 among several public officials.

The agency reported a contagion in the Procurement department, five cases in Parks and Gardens, one case in Comude, another in Inspection and Surveillance, one in Public Works and another in the filter-sanitation area.

In a statement, the union expressed its concern about the null health and hygiene measures taken by the current administration headed by the mayor, Ismael del Toro Castro .

José Miguel Leonardo Cisneros, union leader from Guadalajara, regrets the lack of protection for workers to prevent further possible contagion of this virus within the dependencies, which is why it requires the authorities to exist and guarantee all the established protocols, as well as the reinforcement of measures such as healthy distance, use of antibacterial gel and constant temperature taking .

"We see in a good way that the economic recovery occurs, in fact we have been supporting the municipal president on this issue. 'That the chamba be assembled in Guadalajara, but the issue with the workers is very important, because we cannot do within the municipal government to demand from the merchants the issue of sanitation, the issue of protocols for the entry of people to buy and within the City of Guadalajara do not have the necessary protocols, security and hygiene measures within the same offices throughout the City of Guadalajara, "he said.

He also asked the municipal government to conduct COVID -19 tests to detect more possible cases among officials.

"The truth is that we are very concerned because within the municipal government and within the workers there have been quite a few colleagues infected with COVID, so it is an issue that we do worry about," said Leonardo Cisneros.

Remember that among the municipal officials, both administrative and operational, there are sectors considered as risky, which are coming to comply with their working hours.

Google translation from Informador.

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