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COVID-19 Voluntary Isolation Center will house up to 417 people


The center will be for those mild or asymptomatic patients in conditions of poverty and vulnerability

The Villa Primavera Hotel at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) will operate from next Monday and the following weeks as the COVID-19 Voluntary Isolation Center.

The rector general, Ricardo Villanueva, explained that for the first phase up to 200 people could be accommodated while for the second phase there would be a total of 417 .

This counting 100 employees for medical care, food, maintenance and cleaning areas.

For its operation, the approximate monthly amount is 4.5 million pesos, for which the Private Initiative contributed five million pesos. While for the adjustments of the hotel, no more was invested than normally foreseen for its maintenance.

As explained by the General Strategic Coordinator, Anna Bárbara Casillas, the center will be for those mild or asymptomatic patients in conditions of poverty and vulnerability .

That is, that they live in a place with a single room or with an overcrowding rate of three people or more per room and that the house is built with materials that make cleaning difficult, such as a dirt floor or unarranged walls.

This in order to curb infections with people who live in their home, as a sick person can spread up to three more within their family.

The patients that require entering the center -a previous positive test through the numbers of the UdeG or the Jalisco Health Secretariat- will have to be of legal age and under 60 years old and not appear to be comorbid . Each one will be provided with a daily surgical mask that must be worn permanently.

You will also need to clean and disinfect your isolation area at least three times a day, constantly wash your hands, and take respiratory hygiene measures.

To communicate with their relatives they can do it via messages and phone calls or the internet.

In addition, before entering they must sign an informed consent during their registration and, at the time, a withdrawal.

Villanueva added that, in case of exceeding the maximum number of patients at the Hotel Villa Primavera, the Hotel Montecarlo -also from the UdeG- in Chapala, will also be made available , which is closed to the general population.

For his part, the governor announced that they will announce measures to increase contagion in Puerto Vallarta and the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG), if necessary.

In the State there is an accumulated of 8 thousand 904 positive cases of the virus and 461 deaths.

Google translation from Informador.

Next Mexico exceeds 185 thousand cases of COVID-19, with 22 thousand 584 deaths

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