A CoronaVirus (COVID-19) resource for the Lake Chapala area

Dear Members and Friends of LCS


Yesterday, your Board of Directors came together to address next steps as it relates to CORONAVIRUS. Rather than planning for the largest AGM in our history and to look forward to extending the legacy of LCS and celebrating these past 65 years, we decided on the heart wrenching but necessary steps to do the right thing to safeguard the health and safety of our members, volunteers and the community at large. And as a result, made the following decisions:

  • The Lake Chapala Society Annual General Meeting that was scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 19, 2020 will be postponed to a later date.
  • To postpone programs and events that have attracted so many loyal members and the community at-large over the years. This includes the LCS Blues Festival scheduled for Saturday, March 21st and the Fashion Show that was scheduled to take place in April.
  • To temporarily suspend programs, activities, events and services, including our libraries until the level of contact with others is safer. This includes those offered at the Wilkes Center.
  • We ask our volunteers who would have face-to-face interactions with our constituents to stay at home until we feel that full activities can be placed back on track. However, the grounds of the Lake Chapala Society will remain open, so that individuals can walk the grounds, enjoy the gardens and have access to the Internet to stay in touch with family, friends and current events.
  • In addition, we will retain our staff to maintain our buildings and grounds, keep the information desk and office open along with all the other behind the scenes operations so we can resume programs, services and events when conditions are ready.

These actions are designed to reduce the threat of spreading of this disease, while keeping the Lake Chapala Society’s doors open to the community during these times to help assist those that may be in need. We want to assure you that the legacy of ‘people helping people’ is not lost during these critical times. We are your community and we are here for you! And while many of our members are returning to their native countries, many more are here year around, along with so many in the Mexican community that rely on LCS as a connection with the foreign community. We need your continued support of LCS through both your membership and generous donations.

Keeping all this in mind you will be able to stay connected by renewing your membership on- line and you will receive a credit towards future classes for trips and events that have been postponed, or you can use the same tickets when these programs are rescheduled, please hold on to your receipts or tickets. Any donations to assist us with continuing our mission at Lake Chapala Society and allowing our staff to maintain the grounds would be greatly appreciated. It is very important to keep the Lake Chapala Society’s doors in the community open in these times to help those that may be in need or require assistance. We are your community and we are here for you!

Warm regards,
Carole Wolff

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