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Delgadillo Araujo will take care of COVID-19 suspects


From there they will be referred to the Civilians, the General Hospital of the West, the ISSSTE or the IMSS; during the pandemic emergency, no general emergencys will be served in this place

The General Director of Municipal Medical Services of Guadalajara, Miguel Angel Andrade Ramos, reported that the Green Cross Delgadillo Araujo,located in Mariano de la Bárcena 997 street, in Colonia Alcalde Barranquitas,will be a space of first contact, where patients who are positive to test COVID-19 will be sought to be stabilized so that, they can then be sent to other medical units or even back to their homes.

"The idea is not to contaminate the other units because emergencies and accidents continue to pass, and patients must continue to be cared for, so this unit has been confined solely and exclusively for patients with respiratory check-up care, or with a suspected diagnosis of COVID-19," he said.

This is part of the conversion of this medical space released last week by the Guadalajara City Council, as part of the state strategy to deal with the contingency caused by coronavirus in the Entity.

"We must emphasize that we are not a third-level hospital, so we will stabilize the patients and at any given time we will make the necessary flow through the SAMU, which we have already coordinated, to refer them to the Civilians, to the General Hospital of the West, to ISSSTE ( Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers) or the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute)," he added.

The director emphasized that for the duration of the contingency and this unit is part of the conversion,general emergencies will not be addressed, but will be redirected to the rest of the relief posts (Francisco Ruiz Sánchez, Leonardo Oliva, Ernesto Arias and Mario Rivas Souza).

"If someone arrives requiring some other attention and it is a real urgency to be taken care of, it is even valued to move them to another medical unit in one of our ambulances that we have here enabled and ready to leave in case it is required. We have already received, for example, cases with fractures that we send to another relief post for their care," he concluded.

Since the conversion of the Delgadillo Araujo Green Cross as a first contact space for the care of patients with possible COVID-19 contagion, the medical staff of this unit has established a protocol to receive patients.

As explained by the director general of Municipal Medical Services of Guadalajara, Miguel Angel Andrade Ramos, in the first stage, at the entrance of this relief post, the patient's temperature test is done, in addition to asking him if he has traveled recently or if he has had contact with someone from abroad, as well as if he has lived with a person infected with COVID-19.

In case this is affirmative, or if the patient has temperature, it goes to the area of "triage", where a trained doctor identifies the case and alarm data, to start with the patient's care.

"If it is a larger situation, if a patient with breathing difficulty arrives, or we cannot even get more information at that time, it is moved to the targeted area with the necessary attention. Internal flows are already defined by arrows and staff already know which areas to target," he explained.

It is a delicate situation, but the medical staff know that we must live up to it, anyone who decided to dedicate ourselves to this profession. In some companions of course there is uncertainty, in some of them there may even be fear, but we are with the firm conviction that we have to give to this.
Miguel Angel Andrade Ramos, General Manager of Municipal Medical Services of Guadalajara.

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