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Due to pandemic, Mayor of Chapala announces closure for tourists

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It ensures that those who arrive will be returned; Filters have already been implemented in the bus center and restaurants, hotels, parks and piers are closed

The mayor of Chapala, Moisés Anaya, stated that, during the health emergency caused by COVID-19, he will not allow tourists and people who do not reside in the municipality to enter. He assured that those who arrive will be returned.

"I want to tell all those people who want to come to Chapala not to come, we are not going to allow them access. Today Chapala is closed for our tourists ... There is nothing to do here ".

In a video that he shared on his social networks, the municipal president highlighted that said action is part of the prevention measures to combat the pandemic.

He added that filters have already been implemented in the bus station and restaurants, hotels, parks and piers are closed.

Pandemic crisis leaves Talpa de Allende without pilgrims

In the middle of Easter, Talpa de Allende looks empty. The municipal president, Martín Guzmán Peña, estimated that since Friday only about 20 pilgrims have arrived, who are invited to return to their homes, since all activities there are closed.

The municipality makes the warrant in the sanitary filter located in the arch of the entrance, where the temperature is also taken, antibacterial gel is granted and if you have any symptoms, it is referred to the Health Center.

Guzmán Peña clarified that the low influx of pilgrims is a job in which different municipalities contribute with their health points, since “there are filters on the Mascota and Ameca cruise. In the case of Guadalajara, they also invite people to come here, and in Guachinango, Atenguillo and Mixtlán they invite a few people back to their homes who intend to come. ”

The mayor acknowledges that the closure of businesses is "a brutal impact for the inhabitants", since of the 430 businesses in the municipality, 365 of them have been closed since April 3, as they are considered non-essential activities.

Talpa de Allende receives, on average, three and a half million visitors since March and during Easter, and throughout the year it receives another two million. This is the first time that the pilgrimage is canceled, because when the cancellation of visits by influenza occurred in 2009, it was the month of May.

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