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Edomex begins progressive reopening from June 23: Del Mazo


Parks, zoos, natural areas, aquatic activities, sports fields and all physical activities, in addition to recreational ones, must operate with a 30 percent capacity.

The Governor of the State of Mexico , Alfredo del Mazo Maza, announced that as of June 23 in the municipalities of the Valley of Mexico, parks, zoos, natural areas, aquatic activities, sports fields and all physical activities will be opened, in addition to recreational activities. outdoors with a maximum capacity of 30 thousand.

He added that the entity is advancing and the growth of infections and hospitalized by COVID -19 has stabilized , if this trend continues, "soon we will be able to turn orange and return to activities."

Through a message on social networks, he said that although the entire population wants to return to their activities as soon as possible, for this there is a Safe Plan that will allow them to be resumed in an orderly, responsible and phased manner, favoring the health of all and the family economy.

He pointed out that in the Valley of Mexico, due to its proximity, mobility and economic activity, it maintains a permanent link with Mexico City, which is why the activities that will open at each stage of the traffic light in both entities were approved. In this region, the change in the color of the traffic lights will be the same as that of the country's capital, as well as the resumption of activities on both sides.

While in the Toluca Valley, where there is still an upward trend in the number of cases and hospitalized, it is likely that its opening may differ from that of the Valley of Mexico Metropolitan Area.

"We have worked on the plan together with Mexico City, which consists of opening activities according to the color of the traffic light, with the aim of supporting the economy of more families, we have decided to promote the opening of more activities," he explained.

Del Mazo Maza explained that the first phase will be when we change to orange, at which time they can open stationeries, toy stores, furniture stores, parts stores, electronic stores and all kinds of retail and wholesale trade, taking care that they do not generate crowds within the establishments.

At this stage, he added, services such as dry cleaners, hairdressers, workshops, appliance repair shops and general maintenance will be opened, in addition to the manufacturing industry and restaurants, hotels, department stores and commercial stores with a capacity of 40%, as well like religious services with a capacity of 30 percent.

In the next phase, the color yellow, restaurants, department stores and shopping malls will be able to increase the capacity by 60%, activities and services such as museums, cinemas and theaters with a capacity of 60 percent will also be added.

Upon reaching the green color, all activities will be resumed without capacity restriction. In this phase the educational activities will return, but each stage requires responsibility, maintaining hygiene measures, a healthy distance and the use of a face mask, added the Mexican Executive.

In the State of Mexico, all municipal pantheons will close on June 20 and 21, when Father's Day is celebrated, derived from the health contingency by COVID-19 and to avoid the risk of contagion among the population, the General Coordination of Civil protection.

However, he pointed out that the burials that are presented must be carried out with the appropriate preventive measures.

The general coordinator of state Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente Espinosa, called on the 125 municipal presidents to take coordinated actions to prevent people from concentrating on the pantheons.

He reiterated the call of Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza and the health authorities for the population to stay at home, since the entity is still at a red light.

Google translation from Informador.

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