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Emotional Wellness During COVID-19. Do Good To Feel Good.


You’ve probably overdosed on reading about COVID-19, the recent pandemic that pushed the world into uncertain times. The warnings, the symptoms, the remedies. Every information channel from social media to Whats-app messages, has us on edge.

Meanwhile, many of us are fortunate to be physically healthy and unaffected, practicing caution through good hygiene, limited interaction or self-quarantine. But despite these efforts, our emotional and mental health maybe suffering.

Fear, stress, anxiety, anger, greed are all emotional states, not physical symptoms. Yet, not one of them makes us feel good. Just like any physical ailment, we are left feeling exhausted and drained after experiencing them.

On the other hand, the emotions of happiness, joy, excitement, care and appreciation, are all emotions that lifts our spirits, and make us feel great.

Similar to the practice we have in place for our physical health, we need proactive steps to ensure we remain emotionally balanced.

In this realm, the connections we have with people plays a significant role. Not just in the things we do with them, but the things we do for them. We all witnessed the heartwarming scenes of people emerging on their balconies, singing and cheering, during lockdown. It was not only to show their encouragement and support, but also conveying their need to be together and draw strength from each other.

So what are some of the ways we can take care of our emotional health and social ties, without compromising our physical safety?

Here are some ideas:

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