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For opening in quarantine, 1,306 businesses from Guadalajara and Guadalajara are warned


The Government of Guadalajara admonished 420 establishments and applied three fines

The municipalities of Guadalajara and Zapopan warned 1,306 businesses considered non-essential that they opened despite the declaration of a health emergency decreed by the federal government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In its operations aimed at fulfilling the mandate of the Federation, which seeks that people stay at home until April 30, the Guadalajara government admonished 420 establishments and applied three fines.

The Central, Mezquitán, Obregón and San Juan Bosco neighborhoods were visited, as well as the Chapultepec, La Americana, Providencia, Río Nilo, Revolución and Chapalita corridors, among others.

Zapopan added 886 warnings to businesses of all kinds. No fines were imposed. It was indicated that the dialogue on collection was privileged. However, starting today, repeat offenders will be punished.

In that municipality there were tours in the Center, Arboledas, Colli Urbano, Paseos del Sol, Vallarta Gardens, Santa María del Pueblito, Ciudad Granja, La Calma, El Batán, Real Acueducto, Jardines Universidad, Tesistán, Chapalita and La Estancia.

Google translation from Informador.

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