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Government agrees with private hospitals on care for COVID-19 patients


López Obrador announces that there will be 3,300 beds in the country

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the federal government will contract for a month the services of some private hospitals in Mexico and make 3,300 beds available for the treatment of serious cases of COVID -19 .

The federal president stressed that this contract has a basis of solidarity with the government, so that private hospitals will not have any profits or utilities derived from that service.

"This agreement allows us to treat all patients with coronavirus and not to saturate us in the areas of intensive care, it is a solidarity agreement," said the Federal Executive.

"They behaved first, it is not an agreement for profit, this is very interesting to make known, it is a solidarity agreement on their part, they will charge us the minimum, there will be no profits, there will be no profits And I appreciate this, "emphasized the federal president in a video broadcast on his social networks.

From his home in the Tlalpan mayor's office in Mexico City, López Obrador recognized the vision of the National Association of Hospitals of Mexico, which is chaired by Mario Vázquez Ulloa and Olegario Vázquez Aldir.

Among the hospitals that will provide their services to the health sector are the ABC, Ángeles , Médica Sur, Grupo Torre Médica, Hospital Dalinde , among other properties, which will be announced in full tomorrow, during the morning conference.

"With this we can be calmer, safer, however, the most important thing of all is not the hospitals, we do not want the hospitals to be filled with the infected, what we want is for them to be prevented," he said.

Google translation from Informador.

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