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Governor cancels back to school in June in Jalisco

Lakeside Jalisco

Next week, Stage 0 could be presented to prepare for the economic reactivation of Jalisco, which would begin tentatively on May 18.

Despite the fact that the federal Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, indicated that he announced the return to classes for June 1 of the schools incorporated into this institution, in Jalisco the governor confirmed that this will not be the case, but that they will finish the cycle in a virtual .

"In this country there are no conditions to return to classes," he said after the meeting he held this morning with the Expanded Health Cabinet and with the participation of Ricardo Villanueva, rector general of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG).

The president specified that next week Stage 0 of preparation for the economic reactivation of Jalisco could be presented.

"In Jalisco, the idea that there will be a return to school this school year must be ruled out. I say this hoping to have a positive response from the Federal government because we have already put it on the table.

"But the decision is made here, there will be no return to classes, the school year will be completed remotely," the state president said in his message.

The reactivation could begin on May 18, giving priority to the most affected economic sectors , as long as they do not pose a health risk and the evolution of the epidemic allows it.

However, this stage is only one of preparation for the reactivation of the state and not of reactivation as such.

The governor asked the people not to relax the discipline and to continue with the social isolation, since we are in the worst moment of the disease. In addition, he affirmed that the data of the last days reflects that people "loosened in isolation", a factor that would delay the implementation of the reactivation plan.

“We are close to starting this process. No one can imagine that in a few more days we will be saying "it's over and let's all go outside." What we are doing is the protocol of how this transition process is going to start in order to reactivate the economy and to be able to help, so that people get ahead of those who have had to face a difficult situation, ”he concluded.

Google translation from Informador.

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