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Guadalajara suspends childcare and municipal academies


Museums, libraries will also be closed and activities organized by the Comude will be suspended.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 , and as part of the preventive measures adopted by the State government, the President of Guadalajara, Ismael Del Toro announced the suspension of different services offered by the municipality.

These are the municipal academies, children's stays managed by the City Council, the 12 Community Centers, sports activities and some services provided by the DIF. In addition, museums, libraries and music schools will remain closed and activities organized by COMUDE Guadalajara will be suspended.

"This measure will remain in effect until further notice to take care of the health of citizens," said in a statement.

The nurseries operated by the municipality are 12 and serve a population of 572 girls and boys, from an age of 2 to 10 years.

In the case of municipal academies, there are 3 thousand 685 students who receive training in different disciplines, with the support of a staff of 282 people.

On the other hand, cultural activities are also suspended: museums, libraries and cultural centers managed by the Directorate of Culture will remain closed, and classes are suspended in the three music schools, the mariachi school and outdoor activities .

For its part, the Tourism Directorate canceled the tours it had scheduled. While the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) Guadalajara will suspend classes and services at the following points:

  • Child Care Centers (CDI)
  • Community Development Centers (CDC)
  • Community Child Care Centers (CAIC)
  • Comprehensive Metropolitan Care Center For a Dignified Life with Disability (CEAMIVIDA)
  • Comprehensive Care Center for People with Disabilities (CAIPED)
  • Premarital talks
  • Tapatío Care Center for the Elderly (CETAM)
  • Child Psychopedagogical Attention Centers (CAPI)
  • Pools
  • Service of medical certificate, prenuptial and taking room in Laboratory
  • Family coexistence in assisted and supervised modalities

As part of this measure, the food prepared in the Community Canteens will be “to go” and in the dental Clinic and dental offices only emergency cases will be attended, postponing scheduled appointments.

Although the Clinical Analysis Laboratory located in Reforma # 2593 will function normally, with the exception of the outlet room service, and the services in shelters for people in vulnerable situations will continue to operate with sanitary prevention measures .

The Municipal Sports Council (COMUDE) Guadalajara suspended the Recreational Way, sports fairs, municipal swimming pools, activations for the elderly and classes in sports initiation schools until further notice .

"It is important to insist to the public on preventive measures and remain aware of official information, considering that they can change in the course of an hour, depending on the evolution of the issue in the entity," he stressed.

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