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Guadalajara would have peak of COVID-19 cases in June: López-Gatell


He warned that, despite the current low incidence, for being a large city; hopelessly the ZMG could raise an epidemic peak

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell presented the forecast of the evolution of the curve of cases for the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG), said that the city has notoriously registered "few cases" with extended projection.

He warned that, despite the current low incidence, for being a large city; The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area could inevitably raise an epidemic peak that it calculated towards June 13.

"We are hopeful that this represents that there is a moment of very low transmission but that, in due course, because it is a large city, it could raise an epidemic peak. With the suspected cases it is a little more informative, it is June 13; It is a month and two days until, if this becomes a continuous transmission zone, we could reach that moment, ”he argued.

The official explained that these projections were made with the measures of the national day of healthy distance and considering that the precautions will continue when it ends and differentiated measures are applied according to the intensity of transmission in each point of the country.

Jalisco accumulates 55 deaths from COVID-19

The COVID -19 virus claimed three more lives in Jalisco , the Federal Health Secretariat (SSa) confirmed the deaths registered in the Entity in the last 24 hours. In total, 55 people have died in Jalisco from complications generated by the virus.

The agency's technical statement also reports 43 more infections, reaching 636 accumulated cases, in addition to 565 suspected cases.

Jalisco rose to 12th place nationwide for the number of active cases with 195. Active cases are considered to be those that have manifested symptoms in the last 14 days. Due to the incidence rate of active infections for every one hundred thousand inhabitants, the Entity was in position 29.

According to the federal registry, Guadalajara has the highest number of cases with 178, Puerto Vallarta reached 109, Zapopan 98, Tonalá 56, Tlaquepaque 30, Ocotlán 30, Tlajomulco 21, San Juan de los Lagos 13, Cuautla 10 and Ameca 10. The rest of the municipalities have less than ten infections.

Google translation from Informador.

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