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In one day, they check more than 15 thousand people in sanitary highway checkpoints


Since they were implemented, personnel from different agencies have reviewed 96,843 people and 34,085 vehicles.
Despite the authorities' call to stay home, some sanitary checks have registered endless lines of vehicles.

Despite the reiteration of the calls for citizens to remain at home during the health emergency due to COVID-19 , and that the destinations and tourist services in the entity are closed, many people still do not comply with it.

Loaded with suitcases, pets, bicycles and even off-road vehicles, a total of 15,197 people were checked last Sunday by personnel from the Ministry of Health in the seven sanitary checkpoints installed in the state to prevent the spread of infections.

As reported by the Government of Jalisco, since the start of the measure, 96 thousand 843 people and 34 thousand 085 cars have been reviewed , although so far no case of a person presenting symptoms of respiratory disease has been registered in any of the checkpoints.

From an early hour, the Sunday day showed similar scenarios in accesses to the city such as the Highway to Morelia, Nogales or Chapala, with endless lines of vehicles whose crew took the temperature, a questionnaire was applied and they were asked provided antibacterial gel.

These checkpoints include the Ministry of Security, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Police Stations of the municipalities where the checkpoints are installed, the Jalisco State Civil Protection and Fire Department, the National Guard and the Red Cross .

The locations of the sanitary filters are:

• Highway to Morelia (at the top of the Outlet Mall)

• Highway to Zapotlanejo (at the top of toll booth La Joya)

• Highway to Chapala (at the top of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos)

• Highway to Nogales (Venta del Astillero)

• Las Palmas-Puerto Vallarta Highway (Km 66)

• Highway to Mazamitla (Crucero Tuxcueca)

• Tapalpa (upon entering the town)

"The State Government calls for the responsibility of Jalisco residents and asks them to stay at home, and in case of presenting any symptoms, call the Coronavirus COVID-19 333-823-3220 hotline where they will be given corresponding follow-up ”.

Google translation from Informador.

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