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Jalisco adds six dead by COVID-19


The Ministry of Health reports two other deaths

The state Health Secretariat reported today of two other deaths in Jalisco by COVID -19, for which there are six in the state.

Fernando Petersen, Health Secretary, explained that the deaths were recorded yesterday.

One corresponds to a 30-year-old man in Puerto Vallarta , who had hypertension and was admitted to an IMSS hospital in that municipality on March 28.

He also had as a risk history, having lived with foreign people in his workplace.

Therefore, he indicated that precautions were taken to take tests to the rest of the workers, if necessary.

Also, the secretary said that there are modules in the municipality to obtain more quickly the contacts of the confirmed cases of the virus and "to be able to sample them to see what is the sanitary fence that we could be doing."

The other case is a 76-year-old man, a resident of El Grullo , attended initially in Autlán and later at the Juan I. Menchaca Civil Hospital in Guadalajara, where he died. This case had no comorbidities, but the risk history of a trip to California, United States, from February 16 to March 24.

104 confirmed infections of the disease accumulate in the state .

In addition, there are 17 people in the State who have required hospitalization at the IMSS (5), the ISSSTE (1), the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara (1), private (8) and the Hospital General de Occidente (2).

In the latter, highlights the investment of 233 million announced by the State Governor for supplies and the reconversion of floors to keep patients separate from the rest.

In addition, the general strategic coordinator of Social Development, Anna Bárbara Casillas explained that the State Government is in the process of purchasing supplies for the OPD Jalisco Health Services for 194 million pesos and 200 more for the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara .

These will cover around five months of medical supplies (suits, masks, among others) in a medium setting.

Google translation from Informador.

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