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Jalisco, at risk of entering a red light due to an increase in active cases of COVID-19


The governor warned that the Entity is at the limit of the green traffic light, and that it is necessary to lower mobility to avoid more infections

The relaxation of the measures of social isolation and the increase in mobility generated that Jalisco is about to enter a red light in the indicator of active cases, with 1,486 COVID-19 infections that have manifested symptoms in the last 14 days, informed the state governor when presenting the weekly indicators of the state traffic light.

He explained that after the start of the gradual reactivation of the economy, mobility also increased, which registered 69%, which placed it at the limit of the green light.

Regarding hospital occupancy, it remains at positive levels with 14.6% with the expansion of reconversion of spaces to attend to coronavirus cases . The positivity rate (28.6%) and mortality are also maintained with the green light at 2.72% per hundred thousand inhabitants.

“So when monitoring the rate of infection, two indicators are still green and one is yellow with the risk of going red. Intensity of mobility, we are on the verge of leaving green and entering yellow. We said that with the start of the economic revival we estimated that mobility should increase by between six or seven points, the previous week we were at 64% and the numbers moved as we expected. We need to lower mobility again, we cannot be that close to yellow, ”he explained.

The state traffic light coincides with that presented by the Federal Health Secretariat, which classified hospital occupation in green, the percentage of positivity in yellow and the trend of cases and hospitalized in red.

The head of the state executive branch reported that phase zero continues with these indicators and the first assessment will be made next week, to determine if it can change or continue. He added that they will deliver the information by colony to the municipalities so that they take measures to lower the rate of contagion.

“We need people to re-understand the need to stay home. We are in a phase of acceleration of infections, we have to be aware, we cannot relax the measures, "he concluded.

Google translation from Informador.

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