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Jalisco enables interstate checkpoints for COVID-19


In the modules there will be around one hundred elements of the GN, municipal police, Civil Protection and the Red Cross

To try to prevent people affected by COVID-19 from entering or leaving state territory, the Government of Jalisco announced the implementation of interstate checkpoints in coordination with authorities from Michoacán, Colima, Nayarit and Guanajuato.

Rural development secretary Alberto Esquer explained that he operates a module on the Mascota-Las Palmas highway in the Costa-Sierra Occidental zone, another is in the San Marcos booth to monitor mobility to Colima. In Nayarit , a module is located in Acaponeta to inspect the income of Sinaloa and a room in Bahía de Banderas. With Guanajuato there will be a module in the León-Lagos de Moreno booth and with Michoacán there will be a review on the La Piedad to Degollado road .

"The objective of these interstate checkpoints is, through highway verification and inspection, to avoid the spread of the virus from the central area of ​​the country, mainly from Mexico City and the State of Mexico to the western central states and thus shield the entrance potential of COVID-19 infected ”, he commented.

The government secretary general, Enrique Ibarra Pedroza, denied that these reviews violate the constitutional right of free transit, arguing that the review is done in a persuasive spirit, without violating individual guarantees.

"All our exercises are fully transparent, we are in no way violating the exercise that gives freedom of transit within human rights. The review exercises are in a persuasive and also dissuasive spirit, but without violating the right of free transit, "he said.

Juan Bosco, Secretary of State Security, stated that around 100 elements will participate in the modules, in coordination with the National Guard, municipal police, Civil Protection personnel and the Red Cross .

20 suspected cases of COVID-19 detected in ZMG checkpoints

The checkpoints installed in the entrances to the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, during the period of Easter and Easter, served more than 200 thousand people and 20 suspected cases of COVID-19 were identified; Alberto Esquer Gutiérrez, secretary of rural development reported; He explained that people with possible symptoms were reprimanded and applied a protocol for the Ministry of Health to follow up on.

In the first week, 35 thousand 531 vehicles, 864 buses and 107 thousand 665 people were checked. For the second week there were 37 thousand 293 vehicles, 507 buses and 94 thousand 417 people.

Regarding the alcoholometric tests applied from April 12 to 16, it was detailed that they carried out 23,314 reviews, 83 drivers and vehicles were retained. In 20 cases a fine was applied.

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