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Jalisco government calls for isolation until Sunday

Lakeside Jalisco

Since the voluntary isolation phase began, the demand for transportation trips has decreased by 50 percent, equivalent to one million trips per day

The State Governor announced the second stage of the COVID-19 Plan , in which he asks Jaliscienses to stay home until Sunday.

The head of the state executive reiterates that it is a priority for older adults, pregnant women and people with chronic degenerative problems to stay at home, as well as those who have respiratory problems.

In addition to the measure of sustaining isolation, it is requested that the economic activities that have to continue have strict hygiene and safety measures. So the Secretary of Labor will be in charge of supervising this.

The Jalisco government also asks to strengthen local consumption and calls for Jaliscienses abroad to show solidarity and care for their families by not returning to the state.

Since the voluntary isolation stage began, the demand for transport trips has decreased by 50 percent , the equivalent of one million trips per day, commercial and service activity fell from 70 to 80, and industrial activity from 30 percent, noted the governor.

He also announced that today the night the operating rules of the supports for SMEs, street vendors and corn farmers will be published. And tomorrow the COVID-19 mass detection test program starts.

Google translation from Informador.

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