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Jalisco Government Seeks Rapid Test Providers for COVID-19


The Governor of the State reiterates that "nothing will be purchased that is not endorsed and certified by international organizations"

After the governor of the State reported last night that the company Hisa SA de CV, which had requested 20,000 rapid tests for the detection of COVID-19, canceled the purchase already requested, he reported this day that they are already looking for other suppliers to obtain them.

“The rapid tests application did not start because the provider did not comply, that is the truth. This does not mean that nothing will be done, we are still looking for all possible alternatives to have them soon . "

"If the WHO has been repetitive in anything, it is that, in order to control this pandemic, you have to do tests, tests and more tests. That is what we will do," the president explained on social networks.

He said that although it has been reported on several occasions that this type of tests do not work, "as has happened in other countries," the governor said that "he will not buy anything that is not endorsed and certified by international organizations," however He explained that the tests by which this virus is detected are different.

"Rapid (tests) help us detect antibodies, and PCRs, which are used to check for contagion. And in Jalisco we are going to apply both, ”he said, that is, that a person who is positive in rapid tests must subsequently undergo a laboratory test of PCR (polymerase chain reaction, in its acronym in English). .

"In other words, we are going to go out and look for people infected with Coronavirus to detect them, isolate them and attend to them in a timely manner," he said.

Since March 23, the governor announced that 20,000 rapid COVID-19 tests would be ready as of Thursday, to apply an average of 600 tests per day, however, last night the governor reported in a radio interview that these had not arrived. .

"Weird things have happened ... They told us that they got stuck in customs, then they no longer answered the phone," the president said about the purchase from the German laboratory.

Google translation from Informador.

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