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Jalisco Governor's Speech on reopening

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The Govenor’s from last night on opening some businesses, published in La Voz de la Ribera. It’s basically a two-week test to see how we do. In two weeks it could get stricter or open up more, it depends on us.

Jalisco Governor Announces Opening of Some Businesses Next Monday.
BY CANO ON MAY 14, 2020

With the start of the so-called Phase 0 the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, that on Monday May 18 there will be economic revival of some activities.

The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, announced this afternoon that on Monday, May 18th, Phase 0 of the Jalisco Plan for Economic Reactivation will be launched, which will allow the gradual return of some economic activities and is the first step in the preparation of protocols for the following phases of the plan.

Alfaro Ramirez clarified that the start of Phase 0, which will last at least 15 days, does not mean a return to normal social life and activities in all productive sectors, since an increase in mobility or flow of people in the city with disorder could trigger the epidemiological pattern and delay the Reactivation Plan.

"We have not passed the test," said the state president, who added that the plan can be implemented because Jalisco is currently ranked 29th in the nation out of 32 states in terms of active infections per 100,000 inhabitants, and to date has a 10% occupancy rate in its hospital infrastructure.

"I want to explain to you what Phase 0 implies. First, for the industries that had not been considered as essential and that are linked to supply chains, they will be able to start the implementation of this phase, once they have the established protocols and will be able to operate at 50 percent of their capacity, that is, the essential industries continue working, those that were catalogued as non-essential, that are part of supply chains, will be able to start operation at 50 percent of their capacity, and we will establish specific protocols," detailed the president.

He added that for "commerce, what we are going to do is that those who handle products allowed in essential establishments, that is, if there were allowed to be supermarkets, hardware stores, convenience stores of the big chains, well, what we are going to do is that what was sold there, can also be sold in the small stores, in the neighborhoods or in the colonies of Guadalajara and the State.

As part of Phase 0, businesses that do not generate a crowd of people, such as car dealerships, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture stores, appliances and electronic or home sales, will begin to reopen.

A condition for trade in Phase 0, and which will be constantly verified, is compliance with the restriction of permitted density of one person as a customer, per 7 square meters.

"We need to understand that Phase 0 is a transition stage, that it is a stage of gradual return to economic activity, and if the behavior of the virus and the pandemic did not demand it, as I explained, we could make a decision to return to the measures of social isolation and delay everything foreseen in this plan," said Alfaro Ramirez.

Phase 0- Public Activities:

The restrictions and public activities that resume during phase 0:

Social distancing and use of obligatory face masks in public spaces are required.
Parks and sports units will remain closed.
Churches will be allowed to open only for individual visits. No masses, services or speeches may be held.
Public events with more than 50 people and patron saint festivities will remain suspended.
Schools of all academic levels will remain closed.

The Government of Jalisco will adapt its work and health measures in areas of public attention such as:

Public Registry of Property
Public Affairs Archive
State Pension Institute

What are the restrictions for services and activities during phase 0?

Gyms, spas, recreational and sports clubs are kept closed.
Bars, canteens and clubs remain closed.
Event halls, casinos, recreation centers, spas and entertainment industries, such as the movie theater, remain suspended.
Essential activities such as banks, telecommunications, water, electricity and gas must use their maximum capacity and avoid crowding.
Restaurants and cafeterias will work at 50% of their capacity.
Hotels and motels will operate with closed common areas.

Health criteria and conditions for opening:

Carry out tests for surveillance and active search.
Ability to detect and isolate new cases.
From the surveillance that companies help us to do, it will be possible to detect and control the spread of the virus, combined with contact tracing and the possibilities of isolating people in case of further spread of infections.


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