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Jalisco registers its second worst day in confirmation of COVID-19 cases


The Governor of Jalisco pointed out that thanks to the measures applied there are fewer infections and deaths

In the last 24 hours, 41 more COVID-19 infections were confirmed in Jalisco, a figure that represents the second day with more cases during the pandemic; The governor reported in a message published on his social networks.

The head of the state executive branch maintained that despite criticism of measures such as making social isolation compulsory and the use of face masks , he will remain in that line , since the scenario would have been worse if he had not done so. He argued that, according to the predictive calculation of the University of Guadalajara, if only 20% of the population had stayed at home, as happened on some days of Easter and Easter, today there would be more than 100,000 infections and almost 7,000 deaths.

“Thanks to the measures we take and the co-responsibility of the people of Jalisco, we have an effectiveness rate of almost 60% of social isolation, less than 500 infections and 30 deaths. And if those who left the city had stayed at home, we would be better off. That is the importance of doing the right thing. So those who attack us for acting firmly just waste their time. We will continue doing our work and we will have a clear conscience for not having failed, "he said.

Until Saturday's cut, the Radar Jalisco monitoring system had 510 confirmed cases (387 notified to the federal platform, 92 detected in laboratories of the University of Guadalajara and 31 in the private laboratory). To this statistic would be added the 41 infections reported by the governor.

Google translation from Informador.

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