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Jalisco will begin the "individual responsibility" phase with a red light for active cases


The governor affirmed that there are more cases than ever, but people cannot endure more without working and maintained that this is why the new phase

With 1,900 active infections, Jalisco will start the new phase of economic reactivation at a red light, according to the update published by the Governor on his social networks.

In his message, the state president affirmed that there are more cases than ever, but people cannot stand it more without working and argued that this is why the new phase is one of "individual responsibility".

Active cases are those that have manifested symptoms in the last 14 days and can generate more infections.

Regarding mobility, the parameter remains at the limit of the green traffic light with 69% , the same value that it registered last week.

"The traffic light is about to change color and that is not the fault of those who have to go out to work, it is those who go out for everything but the essentials. Practically this traffic light is not red because there are no classroom classes, "said the head of the State Executive Branch.

The death rate for every 100,000 inhabitants is still green , although it went from 2.72 to 3.89 (from 241 to 327 deaths). Hospital occupancy stood at 20.3% (eight days ago it was 14.6%).

In the area where there was improvement, it was in the positivity rate, which stood at 23.8%, last Sunday it was 28.6 percent.

The state traffic light coincides with that of the Federal Health Secretariat where Jalisco has the green light in hospital occupation and in the global evaluation it went from red to orange , although with an upward trend in cases.

Google translation from Informador.

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