A CoronaVirus (COVID-19) resource for the Lake Chapala area

Lake Chapala Society Weekly Bulletin VII – Newsletter – April 21, 2020


We hope that you are all holding up. I know that we are all anxious to see our friends and participate in the community.

As we are all doing our best to navigate through these uncertain times, we want to thank the many people who have stepped forward and who are very much keeping Lake Chapala Society vibrant. LCS is working harder than ever during the COVID-19 crisis. We are collaborating with our local community to keep our community going. In this week’s bulletin we will share with you some of the things that are available to you, with links for more information. Feel free to read what is of value to you and skip that which is not.

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These are this week’s topics:

  1. Hotline number for COVID-19
  2. Governor’s Message April 19
  3. Campus Update
  4. LCS programs and activities
  5. Reaching Out Program
  6. LCS in the community
  7. LCS from the Campus
  8. LCS Business Sponsors
  9. Important Links

We have found this website to be one of the best for information on the Virus and the State’s response to it:

State of Jalisco Offical COVID-19 Site

State Hotline – print out this card below – or write the info down and post someplace handy at home. When calling, ask for English speaking assistance, it may not always be available. For emergencies – call your doctor!

Jalisco Governor’s April 19 Message thanks to Spencer from Chapala Law for providing this translation. Note that the English translation follows each section under the Spanish. While you are at it, now might be just the time for advance planning, click on the link to Spencer’s site with more information.

Lake Chapala Society – Campus update

The current thinking is that the Campus will not be opening prior to June 1. This is a result of the government encouragement to stay at home at least through May 30. We will continue to monitor the recommendations but will also be considering that our constituency is largely made up of people in multiple high-risk categories. Additionally, we will need to spend a couple of weeks doing a major cleaning of the campus once the Board of Directors determines an opening date for the campus. Steve Balfour as Director is working with a committee of the Board on what the opening plan will be. We most likely will be opening in phases, with a focus on activities that can take place in outdoor spaces and respect the ongoing precautionary steps.

This does not mean we are not functioning. We actually have a lot going on now and we hope that you will join in with some of our efforts. See the list of activities below and watch our website and Facebook page for opportunities to contribute.


LCS Reaching Out Program

We continue to promote this program in each of our Bulletins, as we feel that it is a very important new program that will continue on well after the virus subsides.

If you live alone or would just like a volunteer to check in with you each day by email or phone, this program is for you. Just knowing that someone will check in with you each day can relieve some stress. We have over 80 volunteers who are standing by and ready to help. Please use this link to fill out a form to enroll: Check In Form

LCS HOT Science

HOT Science meetings have been put on hold. We have turned HOT Science into an expanded weekly science newsletter, Weekly Science. To get this by email, send a request to hotsciencelcs@gmail.com. You will get the week's news and developments from Science, Technology and Health, a newsletter by Richard Clarke, Silicon Valley guy, with a career in high-tech.

LCS Stretch & Balance

The link to the S&B YouTube class


LCS Exploring Spanish Discover Exploring Spanish classes in Zoom, Wednesdays at noon and Saturdays at 11. Send an email by clicking on name: Sandy Britton to get put on the Zoom invite list.

LCS Everyday Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness is meeting via Zoom at 10 a.m. on Mondays.

Any LCS member interested in becoming a new participant can request more information by clicking on the following name - Barbara Hildt.

LCS Intermediate Yoga

Members can print out a copy of the poses in our yoga class along with an audio file of George Knight conducting the same. Many in the yoga class have these already. If anyone is interested, submit an Email by clicking on George Knight

LCS Tech Classes & All Things Tech

Our Tech Classes are alive and well using Zoom online classes. Since we all have more time on our hands the classes have expanded to twice a week. Now on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am there is a Tech Class being presented via Zoom. Information about how to register and what classes are being offered are all detailed on the Lake Chapala Society website. www.lakechapalasociety.com.

When you get there scroll the page down to see "What's Happening" and you will see the item call "Online Tech Classes"

If you are uncertain about using your Tech device and Zoom, please email Mike Goss at LCS tech.training@gmail.com and he will get you online.

LCS TED Seminars

TED Seminars continue through virtual networking on Zoom on Tuesdays at 12:00 (noon). If you are not computer savvy (or a bit timid), not to worry. Just email ask for a copy of the easy-to-follow "how to" instructions. Email Susan Weeks or check the LCS website for the upcoming Tuesday TED seminar topic. Participants need to watch the video before the Tuesday Zoom discussion session.

Film Aficionados

The Film Aficionado showings may be starting again with use of your computers, tablets, or phones. These movies would be available for LCS members only. There is still some technical work to be done. Check the LCS website for future details or email Marshall.

LCS In the Community

Café Corazon – The Café you have come to know and love at LCS is offering home delivery. They are using a remote kitchen. Visit their web page Café Corazon

Rotary Club Ajijic – The President of LCS also serves as the President of the local Rotary Club. They are open to people joining their weekly online Zoom Meetings. To learn more send an Email to Carole Wolff

FoodBank Lakeside – LCS Board Member, Larry Barnhardt is part of a committee to provide food bank services to the Mexican community. Visit their Facebook Page Foodbank Lakeside

Home Delivery Service – Terry Vidal has teamed up with Tony’s and Mom’s restaurants to provide home delivery of meals through his business Ride the Sierra. He can also provide pharmacy supplies to customers who are unable to leave their homes. Contact Terry via his Facebook page Riders of the Sierra

Gift Certificates – To help stimulate local small businesses, Michael Searles and Roberto Serrano are working with local small businesses to generate income by promoting gift certificates. If you have a favorite local business, encourage them to sign up.

Info can be found on the Apollo 2020 Facebook site.

Other LCS Services

Luz optometrists, will be available Thursday mornings, just for URGENT issues, call her for an appointment 331-411-1178 and to find out the procedures to follow your appointment.

Edgardo Cedeño, insurance broker, Call Edgardo at 333-106-6982 or send an email for free consultation to: mexicoprotect@hotmail.com

Becerra Immigration, Lic. Alvaro Becerra Sánchez

Cell +52 333 201 3123, Office +52 333 810 5313 alvaro100@yahoo.com

If you are in Mexico on a tourist/visitor visa that is about to expire, please contact us to help obtain an extension of your visa. We are here to support people with immigration issues during the pandemic. Becerra and Associates are also available for other immigration and legal services.

IMSS & Immigration, Veronica Muñoz is available for IMSS and Immigration help by email. Contact her at imssinm@gmail.com

Open Circle, has suspended its Sunday programming until further notice, however many of their videos are available on the YouTube channel to explore. Open Circle Videos.

Toastmasters, Lago de Chapala club is meeting on Monday nights at 7 PM via Zoom. Toastmasters is a fun way to work on improving your communication skills. Meetings rotate between Spanish and English. Contact sarana.donaldson@gmail.com for more information.

Lakeside AA, Zoom AA Meetings are available every day of the week at 10:00 AM and for more information contact Marian H. at lakesidetilly@gmail.com or call 33-1219- 6987.

US Consulate, The U.S. Mission in Mexico suspended routine passport and other consular services March 19 in light of COVID-19. If your passport is expired or is going to expire soon and you have imminent travel plans to the United States, please contact the embassy or nearest consulate to apply for an emergency passport ONLY. To schedule an appointment, please call 558-526-2561 or visit our website.

Due to reduced operations at U.S. domestic facilities effective April 2, if you have previously applied for a passport or citizenship service, such as a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), you should expect significant delays receiving your documents. If you are in this situation and have imminent travel planned, please contact us for an emergency passport. As a reminder, U.S. citizen children do not require a CRBA to qualify for an emergency passport.

Please enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and visit the Embassy's COVID-19 webpage for up-to-date information on COVID-19 and the status of U.S. consular operations in Mexico.

Canadian Consulate – see links and info below.

LCS Business Sponsors

Driscoll’s México announces the donation of $1.6 million dollars, to communities where it operates; to help support the fight against the epidemic of COVID-19 in local clinics, hospitals, support with food banks, organizations with programs that provide social assistance and economic development; in appreciation and solidarity with communities that provide the food supply. Driscoll's is always with you, because together we will move forward!

Hospital San Antonio, this hospital is working a normal schedule. If you have a question about the services, insurance or memberships, send an email to: ana.camacho@hospitalsanantonio.com.mx.

ZACATECAS DAZZLING! The Tourism Department of Zacatecas offers information for visitors under the hashtag #WhenWeareAllWell. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing Mexican destination visit www.zacatecastravel.com also look up their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Subaru car maintenance - We have two options for carrying out the recommended safety measures for the brand and health entities.

1.Subaru maintenance service at home, available on Fridays at your house, call for appointment 331-918-6424; As an LCS member the cost is $500 pesos plus the maintenance services.

2. Subaru Concierge, Call for appointment 2 days in advance, 331-918-6424 we’ll pick up your vehicle, bring it to the agency, perform the service, and deliver the same day or the next day to your address. As LCS members the cost it’s $ 900 pesos, plus the maintenance services.

Amexcare, if you have a foreign insurance, Amexcare can assist you to get cashless medical services at various hospitals across Mexico. They support anyone with non-mexican insurance (health, travel or expat insurance) to receive cashless medical treatment. info@amexcare.com.

SKY Med, Catherine Gonzales, Lakeside SkyMed Representative, is available for appointments by phone. SkyMed Corporate is offering webinars to people who are interested in learning about SkyMed. Please contact Catherine to register or for more information - Home: 376-766-0781, Mexican cell: 331-255-3943, Vonage: 713-623-1117, Email: catherine.gonzales@skymed.com. Please Note: if you are a SkyMed member with a Snowbird/part-time membership (6 months maximum in Mexico) you may need to extend your membership if you are in Mexico longer than 6 months.


Guadalajara Reporter

US Embassy FaceBook

US Consulate Guadalajara


Consulate of Canada

Traveling Registration

Canadian COVID-19 Site

Next Mexico, with more than nine thousand cases of COVID-19; 867 deaths

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