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LCS Bulletin -- COVID-19/Coronavirus


We all need to do our part as it relates to the Coronavirus. The Lake Chapala Society realizes things are changing rapidly. We are monitoring the latest guidance from the Cruz Roja, Public Health officials and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to stay updated with the latest information as it becomes available. Proper sharing of accurate information during a time of heightened concern is one of the best things we can do to keep rumors and misinformation from spreading. The CDC website is an excellent source of information. https://www.cdc.gov/media/dpk/diseases-and-conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus-2020.html

Please note that LCS is not a qualified medical provider. While we do not offer medical advice, we have compiled the following information from reliable sources and are providing it to our members and the community at large to help them make informed decisions. As new information becomes available, we will be issuing additional bulletins.

As of today, there are believed to be 12 reported cases in Mexico—none of which are in the state of Jalisco. While this is apt to change, for now LCS will remain open and will continue offering our programs, services and events. For many members, LCS is a source of information, companionship and socialization. We believe closing our doors at this time will have a greater negative impact on our members, staff and the community at large.

What steps is LCS taking?

  • We are encouraging our facilitators which usually fill a room, to move their programs from the Sala into the open spaces on campus and ask that chairs be separated by at least one foot;
  • We are looking to secure large TV monitors that can be watched outdoors, for those activities requiring audio-visual presentation; currently we can accommodate audio needs with speakers. If your program can been done with audio alone, we encourage that.
  • We have asked our housekeeping staff to spend more time wiping down common services such as rest rooms, chairs, tables, countertops, doorknobs, etc.;
  • The housekeeping staff are watching supplies of paper towels and toilet tissue more closely in restrooms and have begun performing routine environmental cleaning;
  • We are posting "hand washing" and "if sick please stay home" signs throughout the campus
  • We have supplied our offices with hand disinfectant lotions; please leave all bottles in place.
  • Our AGM will be held on the Neil James outdoor Patio on Thursday March 19, from 10:00 am - noon and we encourage attendance. However, if you have an ongoing cough, with cold-like or flu-like like symptoms, please stay at home.

What steps can our members, volunteers and staff members take?

We encourage our members to do their part in self-regulating their actions to minimize the spread of this virus. The best defense is a good offense! There are simple things everyone of us can do to impact the spread of COVID-19 or cold and flu as well as other health issues:

If you are new to Lakeside or have recently returned from your home country or from an overseas vacation, consider a 'two-week' homestay before returning to normal Lakeside activities:

  • Continue excellent, frequent hand-hygiene with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Wash your hands more frequently than you traditionally would;
  • Get into the practice of not touching your face;
  • If anyone has felt sick recently with flu-like symptoms, please avoid attending close gatherings;
  • Carry tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles. If you have to cough or sneeze, cough into your elbow or a tissue/handkerchief;
  • Wash down counters and other areas of concern with germicidal disposable wipes;
  • Make sure you get your flu shots! There may still be time to do this. Call your healthcare provider to make an appointment and request their advise;
  • Get proper rest and eat healthy
  • Emphasize respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene to everyone and encourage anyone who has a cough to use a facemask (If you are not sick, do not wear a facemask – it offers no protection!)
  • Contact professionals if you have questions about your health or your travel plans;
  • Stay home if you're sick!!! Avoid exposing others to any cold, flu or COVID-19; and
  • Check credible information sources such as the CDC.

Who is at risk?

Travelers returning to Lakeside from their home country or from an overseas vacation may be at elevated risk of exposure.

Anyone with respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath, cough) and either fever or fatigue who ALSO has at least one of the following risk factors:

• AGE 60+ years old

• Presence of a chronic illness like lung disease, heart disease, or diabetes

If you fit any of these descriptions and are concerned, even though you feel totally fine, you can call your healthcare provider to describe your situation and find out more.

If you fit any of these descriptions and start to have COVID-19 symptoms, immediately call your healthcare provider and tell them about your symptoms. Do not go to your doctor's office without calling ahead first! Please note COVID-19 symptoms as compared to other common conditions (CDC):

If you are a patient, currently in care of a local provider please call them first if you need help; only call Cruz Roja or EMS if you have:

• Fevers over 102 degrees that don't respond to over the counter fever reducers AND one of the following:

o Worsening chest pain despite taking over the counter pain medication OR

o Cough associated with bloody mucus OR

o Worsening shortness of breath.

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