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LCS is Reaching Out to make sure members of the community are Okay!

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19, it is strongly recommended that everyone practice social distancing by staying at home if at all possible and when with others keeping a six foot distance from other people. While effective, this practice can lead to isolation and loneliness or worse, anxiety or depression. LCS is implementing a new service called Reaching Out by contacting people to determine if they are Okay. This service is designed for community members, especially those living here alone either full time or those who have extended their stay at Lakeside because of the coronavirus.

REACHING OUT COMPANIONS! If you want to be contacted on a regular basis, please submit the information requested by clicking on the link below to become a Reaching Out Companion. Each morning, you will receive an email asking "Are you Okay? We ask that you respond back no later than by noon letting us know that you're doing Okay! If you do not respond by 1:00 PM, we will get in touch with your emergency contact that you provide to have them check on you personally and make sure that everything is Okay. If you have not already done so, please ask a friend or neighbor here locally to become your emergency contact. This service is limited to making sure that you are Okay. We are not equipped to provide any additional services at this time. We are not medical professionals, but committed volunteers who care.

Prevention is currently the only way we can beat this disease. We all know that these are extremely trying times for everyone. Please bear with us as we are putting this service together quickly. By working together, we can reemerge even stronger when this disease is no longer a threat to our community at large.
In the meantime, please stay safe and remain physically and emotionally healthy.

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