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LCS Update III


There is so much late breaking news that we feel it is important to get this update out to outline a few of the things we are working on.

1. Our deepest appreciation goes out to the many people who responded to our last email appeal and went online to make a donation. These funds will help us continue to pay our workers who will be able to support their families. They all offer their deepest appreciation.

2. Late last evening we received a communication from the Governor of the State of Jalisco – with a new initiative entitled “5 Dias en Casa” – 5 days at home. The researchers at the University of Guadalajara have data that suggests if everyone stayed at home for these 5 days – we could make a significant difference in the spread of this virus in our area. Since our members fall into the high-risk category, we feel it only responsible that we support the State of Jalisco’s recommendation. For that reason, the Lake Chapala Society campus will be closed for these 5 days. The governor will be meeting next week to determine whether these recommendations will be lifted or extended. Depending on the conditions occurring at that time we will decide whether it would be appropriate to reopen our grounds in a limited capacity for the benefit of the many LCS constituents who need some of the things that the campus can provide.

3. We are developing some new LCS initiatives that groups of volunteers and staff are working on. One is the LCS Reach Out program. More will be coming on this shortly.

4. We are also working on some online and call in groups with learning opportunities. It will take a little more time to get this program in place and we will forward information once available.

5. We have had many questions about the travel restrictions between Mexico and the US. Today the US government sent out an email to people on file in their system. (Note we have no involvement in who the email goes to). Below is a copy of the email.

6. Our goal is to send a weekly or on a as needed basis LCS Bulletin – watch your email inbox for these important Bulletins with summaries of some of the news coming out and links for additional information.

7. The April Issue of our monthly Conecciones magazine – We hope to do an email version of this magazine midweek. The team is actively working on it now; do to many businesses closing down for the time being, we are limiting print copies at this time. With all our hearts we thank you all for being such valued members of the LCS Community. Please share this email with family and friends.

Carole Wolff


Lake Chapala Society

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