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López-Gatell asks to avoid visits to mothers and grandmothers on May 10


The Undersecretary of Health advises creativity to celebrate Mother's Day from a distance because "they are moments of maximum risk"

After reporting that in the last 24 hours, 193 deaths from COVID-19 were reported, for which there are 3,353, and in terms of infections, the number rose to 33,460 cases; One thousand 938 more than the day before, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, asked Mexicans to be creative to celebrate Mother's Day from a distance and avoid visits to mothers and grandmothers.

"We are eager to go out on the public highway, but tomorrow we will take care of moms and grandmothers in particular, because they are moments of maximum risk"

"May 10 is an emblematic date and I would like to remember that we must be especially careful, we are eager to go out on the public highway, but tomorrow we will take care of mothers and grandmothers in particular, because they are moments of maximum risk, we are in the period of the highest transmission and if we go out, we are going to visit them or we are trying to reunite the family, we are going to cause harm to them and to the entire population. Tomorrow we have to find all the creative mechanisms to be around moms and grandmothers, but not visit them " , said.

In turn, Lorena Rodríguez-Bores Ramírez, technical secretary of the National Council for Mental Health, presented a strategy to address the mental health of medical personnel who attend to patients with the SarsCov2 virus every day . "It is normal for medical personnel to be afraid of contagion, to their loved ones, to feel anxiety, fear, sadness, so it is important to have strategies to address their mental health," he said.

He added that this strategy seeks to "take care of those who take care of us", since if the well-being of health personnel is promoted, it contributes to them providing better medical care "and this is what we seek, we do not want the system to collapse, but rather that there is a good control of the epidemic so that later we all contribute to social reconstruction ". The official explained that doctors, nurses and other health professionals will be able to enter the microsite dedicated to COVID-19 where they will find two numbers that deal with emotional crises, as well as emergency suicide risk that specialized personnel will be in charge of taking the calls.

They will also be able to access a free screening that explores the symptoms to see if there is a possibility of having a mental health syndrome or not. "If there is no risk, a self-care promotion is granted, if the risk is moderate, they are referred virtually to some services according to risk, and in cases of medium-high risk, they will be referred to 4 virtual clinics that will be being answered by psychologists and psychiatrists, health personnel can call the life line, a referral is made, an appointment is scheduled and treatment will be provided, "he said.

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