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López-Gatell points to Guadalajara having less reduction in mobility

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Based on Apple trends, the Undersecretary of Health highlights the best response in Mexico City to the isolation by COVID-19

The federal undersecretary of Health, Hugo López- Gatell , today gave the city of Guadalajara as an example of a low reduction in mobility during the coronavirus health emergency.

"It can be seen that (in Guadalajara) a reduction of only 62% has been achieved for pedestrian mobility and 61 for the handling of private cars. Not bad, but it is not as important as it has been as in the metropolitan area of ​​Valle de Mexico, "López-Gatell said when presenting mobility trends of the Apple company .

During the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the National Palace, the undersecretary presented monitoring tools that allow evaluating compliance with the isolation measures in the face of the contingency.

López-Gatell highlighted that Apple's mobility tool , private and foreign to the Mexican Government, shows that reductions are observed throughout Mexico since March 23, which have reached up to 73% on public transport on April 13 , 66% in pedestrians and 60% in vehicles .

He gave the example of greater compliance with measures in Mexico City , since there is an average reduction of 82% in public transport, 77% in pedestrians and 69% in private vehicles.

"Unfortunately, other areas of the country, as can be seen on the next slide, have not achieved such substantial reductions, particularly in the city of Guadalajara," said the Undersecretary of Health.

The Guadalajara graph does not quantify the movement of public transport.

He also pointed out the case of Tijuana, where there is a drop of 39% in pedestrians and 59% in vehicles .

López-Gatell emphasized the importance of abiding by social isolation measures to reduce COVID-19 infections.

"There is a direct relationship between the measures of phase 2 -reducing mobility in public space- and what we are going to have in phase 3. We have said it every day: if mobility is not reduced, we will have more That's why we said it was the last chance to do it when we anticipated phase 2 measures. And we've said it every day, "he warned.

The federal official also referred to monitoring of Twitter and Facebook, although not in detail, which contribute to the projections that the Government makes of the models for the epidemiological curves on the coronavirus.

The Mexican government reported this Thursday that it is evaluating extending the social distancing until next May 30 to stop the expansion of COVID-19, although the formalization of this date of the General Health Council is still pending.

Google translation from Informador.

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