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López-Gatell reiterates suspension of activities until April 30


So far the plan is to return to economic and social activities in stages starting April 30.

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, reiterated that until now the plan is to return to economic and social activities in stages starting from April 30 , taking into account those that are not essential and for whom they live daily.

This decision will be made together with the Ministry of Economy and Labor , after the period marked until the end of the month.

"Once the suspension of non-essential activities and the co-responsible domiciliary protection have ended, the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labor, will issue the guidelines for a staggered and regionalized return to labor, economic and social of the entire population in Mexico, "he said.

By announcing at the morning conference in the National Palace, the details of each activity that will be held, announced that a line will be put into service to clarify doubts about which businesses should be closed during the emergency.

The priority activities that should not be suspended are the operation of social programs, the production and distribution of public services such as drinking water, electricity, fuel supply, hospital and medical infrastructure.

As well as "those involved in public security and citizen protection; in the defense of integrity and national sovereignty, the procurement and administration of justice, as well as legislative activity at the federal and state levels."

In all these activities preventive measures are maintained to avoid possible contagion of the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ), such as continuing with a healthy distance, as well as avoiding waving, kissing or hugging, frequent hand washing.

López-Gatell also explained that the entire population, including those arriving from abroad, must maintain the co- responsible home receipt from March 30 to April 30 .

This measure is strict for people over the age of 60 or diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or lung disease.

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