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López Obrador calls Mexicans to stay home

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The President urges to follow the recommendations of the health authorities and avoid spreading infections

On Friday night, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged the population to stay home to avoid spreading the COVID- 19 pandemic and follow the recommendations of the health authorities.

In a video broadcast on his social networks, the head of the federal government pointed out that if we do not prevent "the economy may fall further."

"I have said and I believe it, that more than hospitals, we have to take care of ourselves, it is better to prevent than to regret, and for that reason my insistence that we protect ourselves and my insistence that it is time for communication and of family solidarity, of the fraternity of our families, that we take care of our older adults, I ask you that, in a high way, and in a very special way, to take care of our older adults ".

"It has been shown that they are the most vulnerable, the same, caring for our patients with diabetes, hypertension, those with kidney disease, pregnant women, that is the population that we must take care of," he explained.

The president asked Mexicans to be inside the homes and keep a healthy distance, "ask them for that: that in the family we seek to have, not isolated, but with special care for our older adults, that whoever cares for them will seek cleanliness, seek in washing hands and having a careful relationship so as not to infect them, that is very important. "

He assured that his government is taking the necessary measures so that government workers are those who are not so necessary and, of course, he said, those who have public security functions, since they have to work.

"Those dedicated to health have to work, it will be pending, but there are many clerks, the department head, the non-strategic or not important at the moment.

"Now what we want is for everyone to leave, to be at home with their families, also helping us to keep their distance and to have hygiene," he said.

He recommended that if people have fever, dry cough, if there are difficulties in breathing, and if there is body pain, then yes, go to a specialist, so that "we do not go to the doctor or the hospital for nothing, we try to stay at home, even if with those symptoms we are going to go to the nearest doctor for tests, but only if there is fever, I repeat if there is a dry cough, only if there are difficulties in breathing, only if our body hurts a lot. "

Noting that he is asking for the same measures for the private sector, López Obrador acknowledged that "this is going to mean expenses, but we can lose more if we do not prevent, the economy may fall further."

"We need to continue to maintain this economic relationship in this commercial relationship. We can go to buy from the street market, from the markets, also with care, we can continue moving for the fundamental thing, not to go out without there being something truly necessary that forces us to go out, the best thing is to stay, we are going to hold on, we are going to maintain this retreat that is going to help us a lot, because look, they sent me this graph, I explain it in a simple way, if we do not take care of ourselves, if we do not retreat to our homes, then it can happen, "he warned.

He pointed out that if we follow the recommendations of the health authorities, "we are not going to have attention problems, we are not going to be overwhelmed by hospitals, health centers and we are going to get ahead, but not only that, but we are going to have fewer deaths That is what should matter most to us. "

"So far we are doing well, they know why, among other things because we are paying attention to technicians, doctors and scientists," he concluded.

"We are making progress"

In the long video recording, the president assured that "we are doing well so far, do you know why ?, among other things because we are paying attention to the technicians, the doctors, the scientists.

"I said it yesterday at the conference that we had the heads of state of the 20 most important economies in the world, of the 20 most economically important countries, I said that politicians are not todologists, know-it-all, and I recommended that we rely on technicians, if I speak to them as I am speaking to them, as I am expressing it, it is because all this has to do with technicians, with specialists, who even ask them to sign their opinions, so I listen to them, "he said.

He noted that compared to what is happening with other countries in the world, Mexico is better "precisely because we are paying attention to specialists, doctors, and scientists. We have been 28 days from the first case of infection and the day of Today 717 infected, unfortunately already 12 deaths, but if we compare with other countries, we are among the countries with the least infected. "

"It is exceptional Mexico, it does not compare with what is happening in Europe, in the United States, or with Canada, of course they have been there longer since the first cases, but we have been 28 days, but if we compare ourselves with countries that have less than 28 days, we continue to have proportionally fewer cases. "

Finally, the president reiterated that the country is doing well "and we have to win, we have to get ahead with fraternity, with solidarity, with the support of all of you, and we also have the confidence that by solving this we will soon reactivate the Remember that we have always come out ahead in the face of adversity, and you have to keep saying: saying. Long live Mexico, Long live Mexico, Long live Mexico! "

Google translation from Informador.

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